Friday's Top Ten

Top ten ways to stay warm:

10. Crank up the thermostat

  9. Red hot chili peppers

  8. Make a fire in the fireplace

  7. Dance

  6. Heavy socks

  5. Warm, hearty foods

  4. Hot chocolate or other hot beverage

  3. Dress in layers

  2. Time jump to spring

And the #1 way to stay warm:

  1. Snuggle and share body heat :)


Summer Ross said…
lol- time jump to spring- if only.
I'd like to add one more thing to answer #1...
Colette said…
How about -- work out at the gym?
irishoma said…
I'd add: Look at photos of sun and sand--like on your blog.
Donna V.
Terry Odell said…
Or you can pop over to my blog and look at some desert pictures. :-)

I love it that we're now up where it's cold enough to snuggle. 30+ years of dealing with "it's too hot" was enough.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery
Carol Kilgore said…
Summer - Figure out how to do that, okay?

Alex - LOL...of course you would :)

Colette - Good answer; lotsa work. Whew.

Donna - Awwwwww :)

Terry - Those photos were awesome!
Joanne said…
It won't get out of the 20s here today, so I'll be tapping into this list! Happy Friday to you ...
The Happy Whisk said…
I haven't had a good cup of hot chocolate in forever. Though I did buy some powder to mix my own.

Fun list. Great for Fridays.
LR said…
The only thing that works for me is ginger tea. Nothing else does it. :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
It's FREEZING today.
I'm wearing my Polartec socks for sure!
VR Barkowski said…
I've had it with #1. It makes for very poor word count. Mr. VR finally made it across the frozen tundra to work today - first time this week. *breathes sigh of relief and flexes keyboard fingers*

Have a great weekend!
@VR ha ha that hilarious my hubs is miles away on another continent I would give anything to get #1.
Hi Carol
Mason Canyon said…
Always enjoy your Friday's Top Ten. We are suppose to get to the upper 30s here today. I'm so tired of snow (which by the way is still very much around). Have a great weekend.

Thoughts in Progress
Clarissa Draper said…
Red Hot Chili Peppers the food or the music? ;)

I'll take both.
notesfromnadir said…
Alternate hot chocolate [WITH whipped cream] & dancing & you got it!
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanne - We've been 20s and 30s all week. With a lot of wet.

Happy Whisk - I prefer making my own, too.

LR - My sister-in-law is a tea drinker, too. She says cinnamon does it for her.

Jennifer - I've had socks on my flip-flop feet all week. And real shoes when I go out.
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - Men and words don't mix. Live-in Handyman is off for a male bonding weekend. I plan to edit up a storm.

Joanna - Waving! I know that feeling, too :)

Mason - No snow here, but lots of damp cold. Stay warm.

Clarissa - Reader's Choice. I'll take both, too.

Lisa - Two scoops works for me!
Another excellent list, Carol. I'll take out the chili peppers (I'm not a fan of spicy foods) and take an extra helping of hot chocolate or a steaming cup of tea instead.
KarenG said…
Am feeling warmer just reading this list!
I think I might make some comfort food for tonight...soup! My son will be camping outside tonight...feel sorry for him!
Lydia K said…
Hmm, Red Hot Chili you mean the food, or the band?
Kathy McIntosh said…
Great ideas! I'm making ham and beans tonight, comfort food. And I got some socks with toes for my flipflops for Christmas. Love 'em!
I usually go for 7 . . . LOL.
Holly Ruggiero said…
I'm wrapped in a blanket right now!
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - I luv spicy. But tea works, too.

Karen - Good!

Elizabeth - I love homemade soup. And I'm not envious of your son camping in the cold. Brrr.

Lydia - Either one. I'll take both!
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathy - Maybe I should find toe socks :)

Golden Eagle - Good for you. Warmth and exercise, too.

Holly - Blankets work, too.
Oh yeah! I'm down with all of those.

Keep warm!
Maryann Miller said…
We've been drinking lots of tea here during the current cold spell. And I am definitely ready for spring. Was it just last week I was digging in my garden?
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathi - Whatever it takes to keep the shiver out of your timbers.

Maryann - Garden? I'm south of you. We might could grow ice cubes :)
Hart Johnson said…
You forgot Warm slippers, blanket around and cat on lap. I even have fingerless mittens next to me--Michiganders have to go to extreme measures...
Laura Eno said…
I'm wearing socks in my flip-flops right now, too. Stay warm!
Talei said…
I just come to look at your beach scene here when I need warming up! ;) I've got beach umbrella envy!

Happy weekend my dear! x
Carol Kilgore said…
Hart - Ah, Texans not so much. I think your slippers are my socks, and your blanket is my sweatshirt. Now in summer, we get real creative on how to stay cool :)

Laura - Same to you.

Talei - I'm ready to dig my toes in that warm sand . . . .
Great list :) I'd add...stay in bed! With an electric blanket, two kitties, and a husband who throws off enough body heat to make me imagine I'm sunbathing on some tropical island!
Summer Ross said…
I have an award for you on my blog.
Carol Kilgore said…
Words Crafter - Sounds good to me.

Summer - Ooh, thanks. I'm heading over!
Medeia Sharif said…
I love heavy socks. I don't get to use them enough in Florida. And I never forget thermal underwear. Sometimes dressing in layers still leaves me cold.
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - Remember this cold in July and maybe it will help to keep you cool.