Summer or Winter?

Laura Eno at A Shift in Dimensions is a fantastic blogger. And an even better writer. I'm sure most of you visit her blog regularly. If you haven't met her yet, head over there - after you finish reading here, of course :)

Hint: On Fridays she posts great flash stories.

Laura also is the author of several novels. The most recent is Don't Fall Asleep. I've only read an excerpt so far, but I'm looking forward to reading it soon. It's set in the 27th Century and is about Dream Assassins. How cool is that! Well . . . unless you meet one on a dark, starless night.

I'm honored that Laura has presented me with the Summer Blogger Award. And I especially love I received it in the winter! I love coloring outside the lines - if you hadn't already guessed.

Isn't it the most appropriate award ever for Under the Tiki Hut? I think so. After all, no matter what time of year you visit, it's always summer here.

Laura passed the award to three bloggers, so I'll do the same:

Alex J. Cavanaugh

The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

VR Barkowski

Enjoy visiting all of these wonderful blogs!


Congrats, Carol, on your award and to Alex, Eagle and VR! :)

Have a great day and enjoy your Summer under the Tiki Hut. *Sigh* I wish it was always summer. ;)

~Elizabeth :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats! to all on their awards. Laura is an awesome blogger. I love her FFs, especially Kronos and company. Great stuff.
Joanne said…
Congrats to you and your fellow nominees! Doesn't it feel like it was just August, and 90 degrees, sunny, the gardens in bloom? Wow, can't believe it's Christmastime already!
Carol Kilgore said…
Elizabeth - I'd enjoy 'always summer', too. There's a joke that says Texas has four seasons, too: almost summer, summer, still summer, and deer season.

Stephen - Yes! I love those stories, too.

Joanne - I know! Where has the year gone?
Unknown said…
Congrats on the award. I'm on chapter five of Laura's book and it's really interesting. I don't know why I thought it took place on earth because it doesn't.CD
Awesome award, and so perfect for you!
Mason Canyon said…
Congratulations on the award. It definitely fits your blog. Thanks for Laura's link, I'm off to check it out. BTW, need to think of summer today since the temperature is only reaching 30.

Thoughts in Progress
Elspeth Futcher said…
Congrats on the award and I agree with you completely about Laura's blog. It's great.
Thank you, Laura! Yeah, it would be a little chilly walking on the beach right now.
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - I'm looking forward to reading it.

Karen - Any beach; any place; any time :) Thanks.

Mason - Brrrr. It's cold here, too, but that's relative. Our high will be about 60.

Elspeth - Great minds :)

Alex - hahaha...paybacks.
Winter on the beach with the right clothes and a parka is good.
VR Barkowski said…
Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing! It's sunny but freezing here, and the power went off this morning. How did you know I was in desperate need of summer?
congratulations! that is a pretty sunny award, we are in the 60's & 50's too
Aubrie said…
Congrats on your award! I know Laura's blog- she's great!

Too bad it's 27 degrees outside here in NH- Blah!
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - You must have sent a mental SOS!

Joanna - Thanks. Probably much the same winter weather for you and me.

Aubrie - C-c-cold! Stay bundled up.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your award, Carol! Hope you have the chance to enjoy that "summer" of yours with a pina colada. :)
Talei said…
Congrats Carol! And I am curious about Dream Assassins now, shall have to check out Laura's blog. Good to hear your revisions are coming along too my dear x
Laura Eno said…
I see Alex paid you back. ROFL!
Anytime I want to picture summer I run right over here and stare at your header.
Unknown said…
Congrats! We all need a little summer in the winter. I'd like to take mine in the form of Tahiti!
Carol Kilgore said…
Kimberly - Mmmmm. Just the thought makes me smile :)

Talei - Yes, please do. One of these days I WILL finish this manuscript.

Laura - He sure did!

Elle - Sounds like a plan.
Celebrating summer in the winter – what fun! Congratulations on your award.
Lydia Kang said…
I love Laura's blog! No need to convince me.
Congrats on your lovely award!
Wow, congratulations on the very cool award and to the recipients!
Carol Kilgore said…
Jane - What better time to celebrate summer!

Lydia - Me, too. And thanks!

Words Crafter - Thank you :) The recipients are wonderful bloggers.
Unknown said…
Hi Carol,
Congratulations on your award. Your blog is so warm and welcoming, winning the award is fitting.
Donna v.
Carol Kilgore said…
Donna - You're so sweet. You made my day :)
Talli Roland said…
That *is* a fantastic award for your blog - I can't think of one to would suit you better! Congrats!
Golden Eagle said…
Congratulations on the award!

Thank you so much for awarding me, too! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Holly - Thanks :)

Talli - Summer Forever!

Golden Eagle - My pleasure.
Patti Lacy said…
I love this blog, too, so I'm not surprised.

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite places!
Carol Kilgore said…
Blessings to you as well, Patti. I always love when you visit here.