Friday's Top Ten

The top ten things about bird feeders:

10. Feed and seed indeed

  9. Bifocal binoculars

  8. Clicking cameras

  7. Hungry hawks

  6. Famished felines

  5. Mellifluous melodies

  4. Bird brawls

  3. Flying feathers

  2. Beautiful birds

And the #1 thing about bird feeders:

  1. Starving squirrels


Clarissa Draper said…
I love starving squirrels...well, not the starving bit but the fact they're so cute.

VR Barkowski said…
What an astoundingly alliterative post! Love Famished felines. Both of mine think they're famished even though they roll down the stairs like little furry bowling balls. :)
LR said…
Love the word "mellifluous." Thanks for reminding me of it.
I love your friday posts Carol
Terry Odell said…
Good timing - Did you know the official start date for Cornell University's Project Feederwatch starts tomorrow.

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Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - Yeah. Me, too :)

VR - I can see them now!

LR - You're welcome.

Joanna - Thanks.

Terry - I didn't know that. The muse must have whispered it to my sub-conscious while I was busy birdwatching.
Colette said…
The squirrels are certainly not starving where I live. We have enough acorns all over our yard to feed a dozen families of squirrels. Which reminds me... yard work this weekend...
Lydia Kang said…
Oh the squirrels! They kill me. (and my feeder)
Arlee Bird said…
My step-father was telling me how he had that same problem with the squirrels. I forget how he said he solved it, but I think it had something to do with coating the approach to the feeder with something very slippery so they couldn't get traction. Don't remember what he used, but he said it mostly solved the problem.

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Shirley said…
Thanks for the reminder. I haven't filled my feeder in days. I hate cold weather.
We used to have a bird feeder in our garden before it was crushed by a falling tree. Was it nice for the birds and squirrels? Of course! Added bonus was watching my cats sitting on the ledge eyeing the feeders at the feeders. Indoor cats; no worries.
Carol Kilgore said…
Colette - Squirrels always think they're starving and must gather every edible thing in sight :)
Happy Yard Working.

Lydia - Squirrels have broken more than one of my feeders.

Arlee - They make squirrel-proof feeders now, but it doesn't stop them from trying to break in.

Shirley - Supposed to cool off again here overnight. And maybe rain :)

Elspeth - When our cat watched the birds, nothing moved except the very tip of her tail. Except sometimes she would chatter at them - the only time she ever made that sound.
Holly Ruggiero said…
I think you’re missing bird guano! Ewwww.
Carolyn Abiad said…
It's almost bird feeder season down here (leaves are just changing). Have to go dig mine out of the garden shed and spruce it up this weekend.
notesfromnadir said…
Squirrel fan here! No such thing as a starving squirrel, just like there's no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Our furry friends will find a way to get that food in the bird feeder, or on it, or upside down.

Oh yeah, I also love birds, but they're harder to photograph! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Holly - I tried on purpose to forget about that :)

Carolyn - Yup. They'll be hungry.

Lisa - They're all cute to watch.
Summer Ross said…
LOL- starving squirrels. that's great. Thanks for the smile today
Anytime we fill our feeders, that last one wins hands down.
Carol Kilgore said…
Summer - You're welcome :)

Alex - Our squirrels can raid a feeder like nobody's business.
Anonymous said…
Those darn squirrels can be so ingenious and crafty when it comes to stealing bird seed. No matter how hard we try to detour squirrels, they find crafty ways to beat us at ur own game and eat the bird seed.
Nick Thomas said…
You forgot: "Don't sit under them"
I knew squirrels had to be in there somewhere. We have to go pick up a couple feeders this weekend or next. Our cats would love them. Er, watching them. Our squirrels have lots of acorns to eat so hopefully, they won't raid too much. But, the cats would watch them, too.

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Mason Canyon said…
Watching a bird feeder can be so entertaining and so relaxing at the same time. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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Laura Eno said…
Ah yes, the squirrels. They are cute, though.
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen - Maybe they should make a TV show called 'Are You Smarter Than a Squirrel'.

Nick - Aha! Excellent point :)

Words Crafter - Glad you enjoy the Top Ten. I think cats like watching the feeders more than people like watching them.

Mason - It's a great weekend so far. Hope yours is, too.

Laura - It's a good thing they're cute.
Madeleine said…
LOL! Sounds like some great words for a poem. Starving squirrels makes me think of the phrase 'necessity is the mother of invention'! So can I add cunning cavies? :O)
Helen Ginger said…
The squirrels aren't starving around our house, but that doesn't stop them from trying to get to the bird food!
Carol Kilgore said…
Madeleine - Sure! You'll have to come back and tell me what a cavie is. That's a new one for me.

Helen - LOL. Those seriously savvy squirrels only think they're hungry. Or they might be hungry one day :)
Fickle Cattle said…
Hahaha. Too cute.
Hart Johnson said…
You forgot the cat torture! teehee
Carol Kilgore said…
Fickle Cattle - Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Hart - Darn. Thanks for reminding me :)