Friday's Top Ten

UPDATE: It's 7:30 p.m., and it's been a crazy day around my house. Nothing evil or malicious or frighening, but I've done everything in the world except sit at my desk. Please except my apologies for being tardy to visit some of your blogs and for not yet responding to any comments. Barring anything else unforeseen, that's how I'll spend a bit of time this evening.

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Top ten things about traveling:

10. Photos

  9. Adventures

  8. Kids

  7. Discoveries

  6. Lost in Translation

  5. New Outlooks

  4. New Food

  3. Luggage Hassles

  2. Tons of Fun

And the #1 thing about traveling:

  1. Aahhh . . . home!


Mason Canyon said…
Finding new places to explore is fun, but coming home is wonderful. Have a great weekend and holiday.

Thoughts in Progress
arlee bird said…
You nailed this one. I agree that the vacation is fun, but it always feels so good to get back home and climb in your own bed.

Tossing It Out
Jennifer Shirk said…
I know what you mean. As much I love traveling there's nothing like coming home to your own bed!
Linda Kage said…
I like your #1 too!!
Jennifer Becton said…
I like the new food myself! Yummy. Especially in France. You can't go wrong with all that butter!
VR Barkowski said…
Awesome top ten - perfect! I love to travel and can go for months and not think about home, but as soon as the end of a long vacation draws nears, home is ALL I think of. I yearn for it.
Laura Eno said…
Is travel a prerequisite for lost in translation? LOL!

Another excellent list!
KarenG said…
I love coming home late at night from a trip and flopping into my own bed. Ahh, heaven. The #1 item on my list would be shopping. It's so fun to go shopping in new places.
MT said…
I dropped by from KaranG's BBQ. Hey, you're almost at 100 followers ----> Way to go. :)
Oh that last one rings so true!
Have a great weekend!
I love traveling! But it's always nice to remember that home is waiting at the end.
Colette said…
Carol, it's nice to meet. Popping over from Karen's. Yes, summer has come to an end.
Patti Lacy said…

Jan Morrison said…
I love travelling and I love home too...
I love my bed because I'm getting old...
Sleeping on the train
is for the bold...
Jan Morrison
Gretchen said…
Just joined your blog from the BBQ and I see I'm number 100! Love your design. It's so relaxing. Think I'll go on a vacation. No, wait. I just got back. Home is the place for me.
RaShelle said…
Carol - The photos! I love the photos. You know what I hate - the camera that's permanently attached the entire trip. LOL =D
Glad you're getting some relaxation time. Enjoy.
Vicki Rocho said…
Love the picture up on top! Wish I were in one of those chairs. AHHHHH.

Swinging through from KarenG's BBQ. I couldn't agree more with your list. No place like home...except when you're *stuck* there. LOL
Carol Kilgore said…
Summer, Mason, Arlee, Jennifer S., Linda, VR, Alex, Elspeth - I agree.

Jennifer B. - I love experimenting with different foods, too.

Laura - Some days I don't think so!

Karen - If it's unique little shops, I agree. Otherwise, I'm not much of a shopper.

Colette - Nice to meet you, too!

Patti - Have a great weekend.
MT - I know. Oops, I just looked. I passed the magic mark!

Jan - My guest poet of the day!

Gretchen - #100!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations ... I wish I had a prize for you.
Anyway, I'm so happy you're here.
Relax, enjoy.

RaShelle - I know what you mean about that camera!

Vicki - I get all of that!
Carol Kilgore said…
"Hi" and "Welcome" to all who dropped in from Karen's BBQ. Wasn't that great fun!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Here in the U.S. it's a long one.
I totally understand. My Friday didn't go how I wanted either. Love your top ten especially #1. Home sweet home. :)
cassandrajade said…
Home is excellent but so are the discoveries and getting lost. Travelling is fantastic and really helps clear the mind, and then fill it with new things.
notesfromnadir said…
New food is always a huge plus. That combined w/ new outlooks, & getting lost on strange city streets, or better yet, country roads, makes for some fascinating adventures!
Carol Kilgore said…
Cassandra - That's why most writers enjoy it so, I think.

Lisa - I've been lost a few times. Sometimes in not-so-good places - LOL.
Talei said…
Hi Carol,

Love your view from the beach chairs! I love the 'Lost in Translation' and 'Getting home' part of travelling!

Have a lovely weekend!

Talei ;)
Hiya :) Just popped in from Karens BBQ, nice to meet you !
Julie Musil said…
So true! Each time we arrive home from a trip, I borrow Dorothy's line, "There's no place like home."

I've popped over from Karen's bbq. Nice to find your blog!
Carol Kilgore said…
Talei - Thanks for visiting the Tiki Hut. Come back any time.

Nicole - Nice to meet you, too! Karen's BBQ was great :)

Julie - Dorothy nailed it! Thanks for visiting.
Laura said…
Hi Carol-
I am here by way of Karen's BBQ.
I too am a South Texas blogger (Rio Grande Valley), and I look forward to visiting often!

White Spray Paint
Carol Kilgore said…
Hi Laura,
I love when other Texans visit! Hope somebody brought brisket to the BBQ :)
Here from Karen's party. I think we are in similar situations. If you're interested, I am holding an anti-procrastination challenge for writers at my blog. Anywho, you have a new follower. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
Manzanita said…
Good Morning,

I came by way of Karen's party.... a little late but that's like the morning after. :)
Looks like you are on a trip. Hope it's a fun Holiday weekend.
A new follower. I'll be back again.
Wanna buy a duck
Came from the BBQ. LOVE your blog!
Carol Kilgore said…
Andrea - Nice to see you here. Anti-procrastination challenge? Hmmm...maybe right after I do my nails :)

Manzanita - Thanks for stopping by. Love the name of your blog.

Melissa - Welcome! Thank you.

And thanks again to Karen G for throwing the best Labor Day BBQ ever!
Medeia Sharif said…
I yearn for home sweet home when I'm out. Have a great labor day.
Hannah Kincade said…
I do so love coming home after being gone. Except if I was staying in a hotel, I lurve hotels!! You leave the room and come back and it's clean!! It's like magic!!
Carol Kilgore said…
I do love that part about hotels, too :)