It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

It's raining here, and we're under a flash flood watch.

Low water crossings can become death traps when the water rolls off rocky hills and flows into dry creek beds. It's not an unusual situation here, but a few times a year people don't pay attention or think their vehicle can withstand the force of the water.

They're nearly always wrong.


Over the past few days, I've been reading a lot of blogs about people and their cats. All the cat talk has made me miss ours, even though she's been gone for several years now.

Her name was Miss Kitty, and she was something else. If I had a photo handy I could post, I would.

But since I don't, she was a classically marked seal point Siamese, mouthy as hell, and a wonderful friend who never really liked me until I kept her warm one very cold winter day. I still miss her.


And dogs.

No meandering blog post of mine would be complete without mention of Arf and Woof. They're the sweetest, smartest dogs. Do you think I might be a little prejudiced?

You'll have to take my word they're sweet.

But on the smart scale . . . Woof is a border collie.  #1 on the canine scale of smarts. Arf is an Australian cattle dog, aka a blue heeler. #10 on the scale.

We're doing some advanced training with them. Arf gets everything right away, but doesn't always perform willingly until after two or three tries.

Woof watches. When it's his turn, he just does it as if he's been doing it forever.



Mason Canyon said…
Isn't it amazing how fast dogs can learn sometimes. Where would we be without our four-legged family members? They may drive you nuts sometimes, but definitely love them anyway.

Hope the rain stops soon.

Thoughts in Progress
Helen Ginger said…
Love the name "Miss Kitty." And your dogs are not only smart, but cute.

We had storms last night, too. I was up for two hours listening to never-ending thunder and watching cloud to ground lightening. It hovered over the neighborhood for over an hour. One house got hit, so then we had firetrucks to add to the cacophony. (Plus the only way in or out of our neighborhood is over a low water crossing.)

I hope your skies have cleared up.

Straight From Hel
Joanne said…
One of the best sights to see is that of a well-trained dog. I have deep admiration for people who take the time and effort to understand and train their dogs. It benefits the owners and the dog, kudos to you!
LOL! Great post. Thank you for the entertainment and the good laugh!

Oh, furries are so much smarter than a lot of people give them credit for! Just ask my two feline furries! MOL!
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - So true about our four-legged family.

Helen - Thanks from the cuties :) Our storms began last night and they're still going on. Let's hope our houses avoid lightning strikes. And stay out of that low water crossing!

Joanne - Thank you. We've just begun with this so we have a long way to go. But they're doing great so far.

Crystal - I totally agree about furry smarts :)
Jayne said…
Aw - Miss Kitty is a lovely name for a cat, and I can really get her personality from your words. Do post a picture if and when you can! Gone but never forgotten. :)

I love Arf and Woof! Such great names. I hope they are enjoying their advanced training!
Talli Roland said…
I love border collies! They are one of my favourite kinds of dogs.

I really miss having pets!
Aubrie said…
I love pets! I have two miniature doxens and they are always there for me when the rejections come in to put everything in perspective.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jayne - Will do. The dogs enjoy having a job to do.

Talli - I love them, too. You can share mine :)

Aubrie - My sister-in-law has a little red doxie.
Although I am a confirmed cat person, your dogs look adorable. Here's hoping your flash flood warning is just that - a warning, not a prediction.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks, Elspeth. I'd probably still have a cat, too, if I weren't so allergic to them. I'm high and dry.
Glynis said…
It's raining here too. People don't worry about floods so much here except on the interstate. We worry more about tornados[sp?].

Your dogs are lovely, Carol.
Woof is definitely the smartest of the two.
And stay safe!
Carol Kilgore said…
Glynis - We have tornados here, too, but not too often. I'm thankful. I'll tell the dogs - LOL

Alex - Right. On both counts.
Smart dogs! I have a Yorkie named Lizzie. I don't think her IQ is very high, but we love her just the same. Wait, she gets us to give her what she wants, when she wants it. She sleeps all day. I pick up her you-know-what...maybe she's smarter than I gave her credit for. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I think Yorkies fall into the above average intelligence rating. They're so cute it doesn't matter - LOL
cassandrajade said…
Hope the floods don't come through.
Your dogs do sound smart. I couldn't train mine to do anything outside of be adorable, and I'm pretty sure she had that down before I came along.
Carol Kilgore said…
The worst flooding was north of us. Twelve inches of rain fell in less than a day.

Dogs are great at being adorable :)