Wednesday What Nots

I'm happy to report that so far my new schedule is working. It's been two days, and not a peep from Play-With-Me.

You may have forgotten that I'm a news junkie. Maybe the headlines - oil in the Gulf, Tennessee flooding, the Times Square bomb - have kept Play-With-Me's attention elsewhere.

Whatever. I'm just happy to have my writing time back.

Moving on, let's chat a minute about food.

I'm taking a little informal survey. Not a poll, just comment if you'd like.

What sort of food do you like in the summer?

I'm not talking about special food, or take-out, or anything that takes hours of prep time.

Summer is fun, hot, busy. No one wants to eat heavy meals. At least no one in my household.

What's your secret for keeping your family nutritiously fed?

And now, photos of the doggies to share:

WOOF: "Is it treat time? Is it? Is it?"

ARF: "Hurry up. already. I have squirrels to chase."



After you finish here at the Tiki Hut today,
go here:

Elspeth tells it how it REALLY is.

Trust me ... you'll LOVE it!


Joanne said…
Lots of salads here. And fresh veggies. Grilled zucchini with a little olive oil and sea salt. A side dish of fresh sliced tomatoes (we grow our own), lots of corn on the cob. We've got lots of farmers' stands nearby, so fresh fruit, nectarines, blueberries and such. Our diet is definitely heavier in veggies and fruits, lighter in meat in the warm months.
Talli Roland said…
It's just me and the man, and he doesn't consider a meal a meal unless there's meat! However, in the summer we tend to eat a lot of salmon and chicken, a lot of paella and the like. Yum, I'm hungry now just thinking about it!
Southpaw said…
I like salads of all kinds: green, fruit, pasta, potato, etc. I also like quick stovetop foods (like stir fry).
Terry Odell said…
Definitely salads -- Taco salad brings lots of fond summer family memories. Summers are going to be different now that we've moved; I'll have to see what we end up doing.
Carol Kilgore said…
I shouldn't have asked this question - LOL. I'm starving now and it's barely after 10:30.

So far salads, veggies, fruit. Light on the meat.

Stir fry. Paella!
Mason Canyon said…
We tend to eat more fresh vegetables with various chicken dishes. Now I'm hungry, it's lunch and I haven't a clue to to fix or eat. LOL

Love the doggies photos.ARF reminds me of Zip, the dog from THE LAST OF THE DOG MEN.

Thoughts in Progress
Lots of salads and grilled vegetables. Chicken or fish on the barbeque. I try to do anything that doesn't involve standing over pots of boiling water for long periods of time. However, just to be contrary, I DO spend hours just like that as I make jars and jars of jam every summer.
VR Barkowski said…
Ashamed to say we don't eat different foods, just less of them, and what was cooked in the house in winter is now cooked on the grill. The one big menu change for summer: I don't making soups.
Elana Johnson said…
All my daughter wants to eat is applesauce and strawberries. For now, I'm letting her run with it.
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - ARF...a.k.a. a blue heeler, just like Zip.

Elspeth - One year I made pear preserves. Another year I tried ketchup. Bad decisions.

VR - Exactly. How is it something is so good in winter and not even appealing in summer?

Elana - Applesauce and strawberries. Nothing wrong with that!
Helen Ginger said…
Cute, cute dogs. Summer is the best since the garden is growing. We've already been picking strawberries, and are looking forward to tomatoes and blackberries and peppers and peas and .... Did I mention, Summer is the best?

Straight From Hel
Laura Eno said…
Blogger ate my last comment. :(

Your dogs are adorable!

I don't switch menus since Florida isn't cold in the winter and I eat mostly veggies anyway.
Angela said…
Rote Grütze mit Vanillesauce! Or, as the Danish say, Röde gröde med flöde (you should think of the ö as a crossed-out o). Anyway, it is favourite with us: Combine all red fruits you can get hold of, cherries and strawberries, red currants, and black ones, too, add raspberries, cranberries, whatever. Cook some potato or corn starch with sugar and water, add all the fruits, stir, let cool. Serve with vanilla sauce or whipped cream! Yum! Very refreshing and wonderful. Rote Grütze.
Jen said…
I love the pups they are so adorable!

I love vegetables, both grilled and then just tossed in a salad or out for a snack. I also love steaks, burgers and bring on the grilling! Oh yeah I love grilling!
Cute dogs. Living in Florida we mostly eat the same food year round - lots of salads and seafood. I'm hoping the oil spill doesn't kill off our seafood.
Lots of tomato sandwiches and watermelon!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Call me crazy, but fresh fruits and veggies. And lots of strawberries.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - Arf & Woof say thanks. Summer is the best!

Laura - Ssshhhh...they have huge egos already :)

Angela - YUMMY! This is something new to me. I'm trying it. Thanks.

Jen - Uh-oh. I'm getting the "I told you so" look. I like your plain and simple food choices.

Jane - I'm worried about seafood, too.

Elizabeth - We love tomatoes almost any way, but especially homegrown ones straight from the vine. Everyone else loves watermelon except me. But I do love cantaloupe and honeydew.

Alex - Strawberries are pretty darn awesome. And, of course, the veggies.
I actually like the same thing in summer as winter. (I.e. everything.)

In summer, though, I have access to real tomatoes. I like to make a pasta salad I call "faux potato salad" because I basically just substitute miniature shells pasta or macaroni for the potato in my favorite potato salad recipe.

We do a lot of snacking dinners in summer (again, with current veggies, plus tortilla chips and salsas or good bread made in to toast rounds), but we do that in winter too.

And Thai or Sichuan takeout is also good any time of year.
Maryann Miller said…
Love the pictures of your dogs.

For the summer we like lots of salads and we start with fresh spinach from my garden. Had one tonight and it was great. Then I do lots of stir-fry with the peppers, onions and zucchini from my garden. When I run out of my own produce we have a neat farmer's market where I can get good, fresh veggies until time for my fall garden.
Anonymous said…
Nothing wrong with being a news junkie - have to admit I've cut back recently and am itching to watch some news.
arlee bird said…
I like melons, chips and salsas, and occasional carne asada cooked on grill. Nuttition? No secret there--not much in the eating what's good for you front. It's just my wife and I so usually no kids to think about.

One of my readers tagged me with a question game with I'll pass your way if you'd like to play:
Tossing It Out.

I know you kind of like list things.

Carol Kilgore said…
Daring - I could make a meal of chips and salsa 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Love it.

Maryann - The doggies are stinky. They need baths bad. Next week. Making do with wipes. All this talk about fresh veggies has really inspired me :)

Cassandra - Ahh, a fellow news junkie!
I like BLTs (and I use the uncured bacon to avoid extra salt and chemicals), and anything else that doesn't require the oven or crock pot or too many hours on the stove top. No stews or soups, but lots of salads.
Carol Kilgore said…
I love salads, too. I've never heard of uncured bacon. Where do you find it?