Friday's Top Ten

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama, USA!

Top ten things I've experienced so far on this trip that are different from Texas:

10. Truck zones

  9. Wicked road layouts

  8. Pretend nachos

  7. Beautiful bayou country

  6. A peanut butter cookie the size of Texas

  5. Lots of law enforcement working the interstate

  4. Magnolia blossoms everywhere

  3. Disturbing odors from time to time

  2. The Mississippi

And the #1 thing I've experienced so far on this trip that is different from Texas:

  1. Different Southern accents


Mason Canyon said…
Gotta love those different Southern accents, ya'll.

Have fun and tour the submarine while you're in Mobile.

Thoughts in Progress
So how was that peanut butter cookie?
What on earth are pretend nachos? My imagination is going wild. I learned several Southern accents when I was acting - by far the most distinctive was Eastern Texas or 'Swamp Texas'. Every word has two syllables.
Joanne said…
Sounds like a great time, enjoy the rest of your trip :)
Talli Roland said…
I'm with Elspeth. What are pretend nachos!

Have a great trip!
Aubrie said…
Are pretend nachos still yummy?
Ann Best said…
Sounds like a fun trip. Glad you're enjoying it.
Carol Kilgore said…
The gremlins attacked the Tiki Hut. I have no idea what happened. Last night I responded to each of you here. The comment appeared here on my computer. Now it's gone. If any of you saw this post, please let me know.

Basically, here's the guts of it.

The cookie was scrumptious.

No submarine - a little claustrophobic.

Pretend Nachos - all the ingredients ... none of the flavor. And NO jalapenos!

Accents - It always amazes me how different they are. From the East Texas 'yay-ess' to South Carolina's 'Chawrl-stin'.
Shirley said…
I love these top ten Friday posts. But I'm stumped on this one!
Southpaw said…
I think we all want to know more about those nachos!
Laura Eno said…
Pretend nachos...perfect! I hope you're enjoying the trip.
Carol Kilgore said…
Shirley - We're traveling - now in Mobile, Alabama. These top 10 items were things I've noticed along the way while driving from Texas.

Southpaw - Those nachos had tortillas, chili, salsa, fresh tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole. But the chili wasn't the same flavor as you find in Texas - for those of you elsewhere, if you have an On the Border in your area, they've got it. The salsa and guacamole were also lacking in flavor. And there were no jalapenos in sight!

Laura - Yes!
From your list, I would guess that you are having a fun time! I like the idea of a peanut butter cookie the size of Texas.
Carol Kilgore said…
That cookie was quite tasty, too :)

We're at home now. Watch for a post tomorrow!
notesfromnadir said…
I've never heard of Pretend Nachos but just going by the name I knew they must've been pretty bad.

How in the U.S.A. does anyone NOT put jalape├▒os on their nachos? I thought it was required! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
You got it! What can I say? I thought jalapenos were required, too.