Change It Up

I don't know about you - or about anyone else - but I am my own worst enemy.

Let me give you an example.

I love having structure to my life. My live-in handyman calls it a rut. But what does he know?

I'm not much of a morning person, and while I can jump-to-it immediately, I prefer to wake up more gradually so my brain doesn't feel like a bumper car. So I spend a bit of time in the mornings drinking a couple cups of coffee while reading and writing email, reading news articles, checking my horoscope for giggles and grins, and blogging. I have to do those things anyway, right?

Downing the last sip of coffee is my signal to get to work.

This is where the problem begins.

I'll work along with my schedule for a certain amount of time, and all is well. I'm focused. I accomplish my goals. No problems. The amount of time that all goes well varies. Sometimes it might be as short as a week. Other times, it may last for months.

Then . . . another part of my brain gets bored and starts skipping stones across my day, causing ripples in all sorts of places. Nothing gets done.

When this happens, I have to change my schedule around so the other part of my brain is happy. I'm doing that today. Wish me luck.

"They" say we have a right brain and a left brain. I think I must have a right brain, a left brain, and a play-with-me brain.

Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.


Mason Canyon said…
Oh I'm there with you on that. But I think I have a left brain, right brain, and a let-me-sleep brain. The let-me-sleep brain makes me forget everything I'm doing and should be doing. Good luck with your day.

Thoughts in Progress
Jayne said…
I suspect I have a 'can-I-not-just-slope-off-and-watch-TV-while-you-stare-at-the-blank-page' brain. Good luck with your day! Love the imagery of skipping stones across the day, causing ripples. Lovely. :)
Talli Roland said…
I hear you! I'm good on a schedule for a bit, then my mind goes crazy, then I force it back to my schedule! Repeat x 100. CR-AZY!
Southpaw said…
I wish you luck. Maybe another cup of coffee?
We were obviously separated at birth - I have exactly the same problem. More coffee is needed!
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - Good luck with your let-me-sleep brain.

Jayne - Thanks. And good luck with your can-I-not-just-slope-off-and-watch-TV-while-you-stare-at-the-blank-page brain.

Talli - It is crazy. Wonder why that is?

Southpaw - Caffiene never hurts.

Elspeth - Obviously :)
Marisa Birns said…
It was better for me to have a schedule when I worked at a place I had to leave the house to reach.

Now that I'm home, I break my schedules all the time.

See? I'm still reading blogs and writing emails and drinking coffee, and it's lunchtime.

Oh! It's time to go find something to eat. I'll get back to the schedule...later. :)
Kerrie said…
I completely understand. I too feel like I have a third brain and I call it my shiny object brain. I can tell this brain is in control when all the shiny objects (laundry, twitter, catching up on missed t.v....) start becoming more important than my writing and my Northern Colorado Writers to-do list.

Cure?? Haven't found one yet-if you have one, let me know. Now I must finish my game of Poppit--I mean work on my article.
Aubrie said…
I'm a slow riser as well! I can't even talk to anyone unless I've had my coffee.

It's good to change things up now and then. It sounds like sometimes you just need a change. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Marisa - LOL

Kerrie - If I find a cure, I'll let you know. Writing has to stay at the top of my list, or it doesn't get done. Maybe some of the timeit doesn't make enough noise.

Aubrie - I do like change in a lot of things, so maybe that's true.
Using my blog as an ongoing Novel Dare has helped me with this a lot. Instead of setting my schedule, I set my goals - and I have to post my progress every day. (Right now I'm between dares, but I still have to post every day.)

I find that to keep to those goals I have to change it up often. And sometimes I have to accept and broadcast humiliating defeat.

The thing that makes it work is that my readers know when I screw up.
Joanne said…
Every now and then we just need a "me" day to recharge and return to our schedules re-focused. Even a long afternoon break helps me, a walk outdoors to ruminate a little. Then I'm back at my to-do list with focus.
I have the same problem. I recently went to a right brain/left brain talk and I think this is what happens when your right brain is more dominate than your left. From what I understand, there’s nothing anyone can do about it except learn how to live with spontaneity.
Helen Ginger said…
My problem is with other things that come up. Like today, I had to take the car in to be inspected. Then I needed to go find a pair of shoes for an event, and an outfit, then there were groceries to buy. Now, the day is gone! Grrr.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Daring - I set goals, too. Today I had two projects. Finished the first. Working on the second. Taking a little break now. The dogs are acting up. Don't know if I'll complete this one, but I'll try.

Joanne - Sometimes 'me' days work for me, sometimes not. Sometimes I have to get tough with myself.

Jane - Oh, dear. I'm doomed.

Helen - I have your problem, too. See my comment to Jane - LOL
Maryann Miller said…
So that's what my problem is. I never knew I had a play-with-me part of my brain. LOL
Glynis said…
You have just given me a new idea for a post in my own blog. Thank you!

I go through a similar thing although I don't always have to change my routine. Sometimes I just need a small vacation from it.
Carol Kilgore said…
Maryann - Like a spoiled toddler :)

Glynis - You're welcome - go for it!
KarenG said…
Oh these crazy brains of ours!
cassandrajade said…
I think I'm my own worst enemy as well. Changing the schedule can help sometimes but othertimes it just leaves me feeling a little lost.
Carol Kilgore said…
It's often not easy to stay ahead of the game. Glad to see you back!