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It's amazing what a full seven hours of uninterrupted sleep can do. I feel ready to tackle the world this morning.

I've made a little headway with some of this and some of that both on the computer and in real life. I'm still too scattered to dive back into my second draft. I know that because I've moved things around in this post a jillion times to get them in somewhat the right order. Maybe tomorrow.

The doggies were awesome staying here alone for several days in a row. I think they knew something hadn't been right because of the looks and attention they gave me when I came home at night.

So yesterday afternoon I treated them to a little grooming session on the patio.  Since it's shedding season and canine hair is just everywhere, the grooming was long overdue.

Both of them enjoy the shedding blade, and they lined up for that. Actually they took turns, each one coming back several times for more. Woof likes getting brushed, too, but it's not Arf's thing. He just wanted all that loose undercoat outta there.

My live-in handyman is moving around more and more. He walked to the corner and back yesterday on his crutches. Can't keep a good man down!

Today I hope to make a larger dent in everything I left neglected over the past week. If I haven't made it to your blog yet, I will.

Maybe by next week, our lives around here will have returned to normal. Or at least closer to normal.

I'm ready!


Mason Canyon said…
Glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Animals do tend to know when things aren't right.

Seven hours of sleep, I can't image what that's like. LOL Hope things continue to improve.

Thoughts in Progress
Jayne said…
Woof and Arf - fab names! I am so glad things are on their way back to being normal again. I also know what you mean with the second draft - I am currently redrafting and there have been some major changes - I feel I need to crank up a few gears to be ready for them.
Talli Roland said…
Welcome back to normal!

Seven hours of sleep sounds brilliant. Now if I could only get my husband to stop snoring...
Ann Best said…
I found you through Karen Gowen (Coming Down from the Mountain), and I like your site. I have also learned to like dogs. I'm interested in following you. Maybe you'd like to follow me, too. I have a contracted novel in the editing stages, due out hopefully in July. Hope things are calming down for you in Texas. Pollens are also high here in Virginia country. Always something no matter what the season.
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - First time I'd experienced that much sleep in a while. It was nice.

Jayne - Back to normal is relative - I'm still pulling double duty, but just being home instead of at the hospital is wonderful.

Talli - Thank you, zzzzzzzzz :)

Ann - Welcome to Under the Tiki Hut. I'm glad you like it here. Thanks for commenting.
Glynis said…
Carol, I'm not on your blogroll. I found you through another blog. You have already visited my blog anyway but just to let you know. . .
My host site, is having server problems right now which they are working on. This host has Wordpress blogs. It could be that it's just Blogetery or it could be a problem with all Wordpress blogs. My site was working today but I've been told that the problem isn't fixed yet.
Carol Kilgore said…
Your blog - Impressions of Life - is listed under Writers in the right-hand column, Glynis.

However, I was unable to find blogs for Ann Best or Jayne, who both commented above.
I've seen that problem with blogger from the beginning. Half the time, it lists no blog. You're right - difficult to follow that way!
Ann Best said…
I haven't had this problem yet with Blogger. I hope it doesn't happen!!! I don't do well figuring these things out.
Ann Best said…
p.s. To try it out, I just went into my link on the comment I made at 12:59, and I got right into my site.
I'm glad things are getting back to normal and that your handyman is on the mend!

Don't worry about visiting around...get yourself caught up with all the other things first! :)

Mystery Writing is Murder
Carol Kilgore said…
Ann - When I go to your link, it does not give me the link to your blog. All I get is that you follow mine and it also lists a few others that you follow. Nothing else. If you will post your link here in the comments, I'll be happy to visit you and post your link under writers in the right sidebar.

Alex - I hate when things don't work right.

Elizabeth - Thanks. I visited some the other day, and some more today. I'll catch up eventually.
What lovely names they have. I am unlikely to ever get dogs (life is complicated enough for me without them), but when I do, I may just name them after yours.

Take care, and you really needed those seven hours, didn't you?

~ Rayna
Carol Kilgore said…
Rayna - I did need that long stretch of sleep. You're welcome to use their names.
VR Barkowski said…
So glad things are settling down and everyone is well - or at least on the mend.

I've had the Blogger problem you mention for quite some time. Often In Followers there's no link to the individual's blog, but there's a link if that person leaves a comment. I think it has to do with their Blogger setting - the one that asks if they want their blog added to the listings?
Southpaw said…
I've had the same problems with blogger.
Carol Kilgore said…
It's so nice to know I'm not the only one with Blogger problems.

VR, thanks for telling me how to find the link. It works!
Helen Ginger said…
You made me smile this morning. Despite the problems, you seemed so upbeat. Glad to hear the handyman is doing better!

Straight From Hel
Stephen Tremp said…
Gotta stay upbeat during down times. Sleep is good. I force myself to sleep and take naps. Its not enough to exercise and eat right.

Stephen Tremp
Elana Johnson said…
Good luck! I often say you need a vacation after your vacation because there's so much to catch up on.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - Smiles R Us :)

Stephen - All in the attitude.

Elana - Very true.