Nothing to Sneeze At

The oak pollen here in San Antonio is everywhere. Sunday's count was about 40,000 grains per cubic meter of air. That's absurd.

I'm the allergy queen, but I'm fortunate that I don't over-react to pollen of any sort. It affects me a little - mostly with itchy eyes - but it's way down on the scale of things that make my body throw hissy fits.

Oak pollen here means Fiesta can't be far behind. I blogged a little about the annual Fiesta San Antonio last year. The link isn't to any of my posts but to the site for this year's celebration.

Fiesta is a fun time in San Antonio, and the events are citywide. It's right upon us this year, but if you're thinking about an April vacation next year, think about San Antonio.

Come celebrate with us!


Mason Canyon said…
That sounds like the place to be in April. I love the River Walk in San Antonio. It's very relaxing to me. LOL

The pollen usually give me itchy eyes too. Here it's mostly the pine pollen that gets me.
Aubrie said…
I have spring allergies, too! Hang in there. :) I've never been to San Antonio.
Joanne said…
Oh it's that sneezing time of year! I don't suffer with allergies, but know many who do. Have you tried the honey remedy, a daily teaspoon of locally made honey? Some swear by it!
Helen Ginger said…
Haven't been to Fiesta in years. We lived in SA eons ago and loved Fiesta.

Have fun!

Straight From Hel
We've received an abundance of green pollen here as well and I've endured many a sneezing fit.
Ann Elle Altman said…
I didn't know that SA had that sort of festival. I've been to SA once ever year for the last three years but obviously at the wrong time. I love the river walk though.

Jennifer Shirk said…
NJ is bad with pollen too. My car is coated. Bleh.
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - The Riverwalk is so nice. They've opened a new section called Museum Reach that's more back-to-nature.

Aubrie - My allergies are year-round, but I can keep them pretty much under control here. San Antonio is an awesome city, but don't come here in the summer unless you love hot weather. Any other time of the year is perfect.

Joanne - I've heard of the local honey remedy, too, but I've never tried it. Yet :)

Helen - Come on down!

Alex - Bless you!

Ann Elle - Fiesta is every April, but all kinds of other things are held year-round. We're a busy city.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jennifer - New Jersey! I lived in Cape May for a couple years a long time ago. And later on in NYC for a while. I feel as if it's my second home. Welcome. Thanks for commenting.
I'd love to! I've heard so many great things about San Antonio.
Jayne said…
Hello! That pollen count sounds high - if I was there I'd be the red-eyed person sneezing! Enjoy your celebrations for Fiesta!
Carol Kilgore said…
Conda - San Antonio is a great city. Lots of things to do in the city; lots of great day trips. I sound like I work at the visitor's bureau!

Jayne - Welcome to the Tiki Hut! The oak pollen on Sunday was the heaviest recorded in more than 25 years. Here are today's counts:
Anonymous said…
That sounds like so much fun. And, whoa boy, allergy season is upon us here in CT, too. Although I daresay it's not at its peak yet. I wish you much luck with them! For eyes I would usually use Similisan or, if I got an rx, Patenol. :)
How I'd love to experience this! Someday...
Talli Roland said…
It's pollen time here, too! Last year my eyes turned bright red for a good two weeks or so. I looked quite devilish.

Fiesta sounds brilliant!
VR Barkowski said…
There was a thick coating of yellow over everything this morning. I'm told it's called yellow snow (pine pollen). Then a big rainstorm came through and cleared it all away. At least for today. :)

I've never been to San Antonio. Would love to visit!
Devon Ellington said…
I have not been to San Antonio in about 15 years, and it's calling to me. One of my short stories wants to be set there, so I might have to come visit again at some point.
Carol Kilgore said…
Kimberly - The eyedrops I use were Rx when I started using them but went to OTC a few years ago. They are a huge help.

Elspeth - I hope you make it to San Antonio one year. You'll love it.

Talli - Thanks for commenting. Fiesta is fantastic.

VR - My cousin lives in NC and she said that pine pollen coats everything. No pines in San Antonio - come on over!

Devon - Lots of places to use for setting here. The city's grown in 15 years, but it hasn't lost its charm.