Live-In Handyman

My live-in handyman will be released from the hospital later this morning. Yea! He's a very active person, and the forced down time was making him a little bonkers.

Still no growth on the cultures from his ankle. The doctors say that's good news because the more virulent bacteria are fast growers. He'll be coming home with a vat full of oral antibiotic, a stylish strap-on black boot, and crutches.

Thanks for all the comments on the previous post. I haven't read them yet, just saw they were there. I'll get over there later today.

Things will still be a bit hectic around here this week, what with a bum ankle, crutches, two high-energy dogs, and stairs. And one day he'll have to go for follow-up to get the stitches removed.

But I'll be here instead of at the hospital and will have time to catch up on comments and blog visits. You won't see me everywhere at once. I'll be the tortoise, I'm sure, between taking "this" upstairs, bringing "that" downstairs, and whatever else needs to be done for my injured hero.

Anyone know how to clone me for a week or two?

I plan to be back here with a new regular post sometime on Wednesday. Morning, I hope, but if his appointment for getting stitches removed is early that morning, I won't blog until afternoon.

See you then!


Mason Canyon said…
Great news that he's coming home. Even with the ups and downs of crutches and a bum ankle, I know you'll feel better just being home and having him there too. Take care of him and yourself.

Thoughts in Progress
Aubrie said…
I'm glad to hear he's back :) yay!
M. Gray said…
Haha, I love your clone idea. I could have a MUCH better online presence with your idea!! Glad he's coming home. Hope he heels quickly.
I'm so glad to read your handyman is coming home - complete with a stylish black boot!

If you discover how to do the cloning thing, do pass the information along.
Glady he's coming home.

And if you figure out the cloning thing, let me know!
Terry Odell said…
Glad he can come home. Thoughts are with you both.
Glynis said…
I wish I did know how to clone. I could use one myself. Handymen are so valuable. This is especially true if you're like me and can't even handle a hammer. Wish him well for me.
Wishing your live-in handyman a speedy and complete recovery. Also hope you survive the experience without accumulating too many gray hairs!)
kimberlyloomis said…
So glad he's home and I hope you take it easy on yourself. The internet will, of course, be here when you have time. Good luck and, again, so glad to hear he was released into your care.
Carol Kilgore said…
Very nice to have him home. Thanks everyone for hanging in with me. I hope to be back with a regular post tomorrow.

No luck yet with the cloning thing. Darn.
Helen Ginger said…
I do hope he's better now. What a bummer. Is he in pain? Perhaps I should ask, Are you in pain?

Straight From Hel
Kaught your kaput comment and thought I'd better drop by and see what you're katching up from. I see you've been doing -- hope your darling handyman is on the road to a fast recovery and you're able to de-stress now.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - I SO needed that laugh. I think maybe you've been in a similar situation before. He's pain-free now.

Patricia - I think he is, and I hope I can.
Samuel Goldwyn, the famous movie studio head, once said, "The hospital is no place to be sick."

And in a strange way, he was right. Hospitals certainly give you no rest, awakening you in the middle of the night, asking if you're asleep. I know your husband will do better with loving, concerned care by you in familiar surroundings. I will pray for him.

Come visit my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS,if you're of a mind and inclination. You can read more of Samuel Goldwyn's secret heroic life in my post THERE WAS A HERO.

Out of courtesy only, I am providing a link to my blog :

May both you and your husband find healing in the days to come, Roland
Angela said…
Thank you, Carol, for even finding time to comment on my blog. Please take any energy you can find and use it all up! You`ll certainly need some. Blessings, my friend!
Marisa Birns said…
A stylish boot is the very best kind to wear!

Happy that things will begin to settle down for you, and hope that it's as easy and pain-free as possible for all.
Laura Eno said…
Remember to take care of yourself as well!
Carol Kilgore said…
Roland - Thanks for commenting and for your kind words. We'll get there.

Angela - Thanks. Friends are wonderful.

Marisa - The boot is killer :)

Laura - I'm trying!