Monday = A New Beginning

We all know how Monday's can be. Maniacal. Morose. Messy. And More.

But we can change how we handle Mondays.

Start by transforming how you you think of the day.

Instead of Maniacal, Mondays become Melodic.
Now some Mondays may play like Bach or Beethoven, but others play more like Aerosmith or Coldplay. Listen for the melody of your Monday, and take your energy from it.

Instead of Morose, think Merry.
Give yourself three minutes to cry over your problems, then kick the blues out the door and tell them to stay away using a firm voice. Lock the door so they can't return. Plaster a smile on your face. Watch a funny YouTube video. Watch another if you haven't laughed out loud yet. Then get moving.

Messy? No. Methodical? Yes.
At least until you get going. Organize your thoughts instead of letting them run wild. Organize your desk if you left it in a mess. Read. Anything that works for you to let you focus after a wild and wooly weekend. Then you can start your Monday from a moment of clarity.

Think of Monday as breakfast . . . let it fuel your week.

And why is this blog post a little later than normal? I had some minor computer glitches going on.

Of course.

It's Monday :)


Southpaw said…
I’ve always rather like Mondays. I think because I never focused on the work but the new week and new projects.
Mason Canyon said…
Guess we should look at Mondays like the foundation of what they're doing for the week. Attitude is the key. Mondays do offer a fresh start.
Aubrie said…
I've never liked Mondays because I teach on Saturdays until 2 or 3 so my weekend never feels long enough. Great post!
Carol Kilgore said…
Southpaw - Good for you! It's something I'm working on.

Mason - Always attitude. And we can choose what ours is.
Carol Kilgore said…
Working on Saturdays is always difficult, I think, because we feel as if everyone else isn't.
Helen Ginger said…
Glad they were only minor glitches. Hope the rest of your Monday is Marvelous.

Straight From Hel
What a wonderful attitude. I shall consider it as I continue to mutter. Music is good. Magnificence is good. Muttering is better.

I had computer glitches too. More reasons to mutter.
VR Barkowski said…
When I was working a regular job, I loved Mondays. They were a fresh start each week. Now that I write seven days a week, Mondays are just another day.

Can't remember where I read this, so I can't attribute the quote, but it went something like:

Everyone hates Mondays, but if we didn't have Mondays everyone would hate Tuesdays.
Anonymous said…
I love Mondays. I do some of my best writing at this time. And I like to visit other blogs to see what they're doing for the week.

Stephen Tremp
Joanne said…
I always like Mondays, getting back into the groove of writing for a new week. But making them musical Mondays is even better! Rock on ...
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - I hope so, too. IE has been freezing up. I'm thinking of switching to Chrome. And Blogger is messing with me. My writing is backed up, so that's the important thing.

Elspeth - See my comment to Helen. There have been mutterings in this office. Loud X-rated mutterings. I've ignored my own advice.

VR - Friday is my favorite day. Like you, I pretty much write every day. However, since my live-in handyman was grousing about never seeing me, I've tried to spend one day of the weekend giving him a lot of quality time. But I still manage to sneak off to the computer from time to time.

Stephen - You're so disciplined. I try.

Joanne - I have a Queen CD here someplace. One day I'll get an iPod. "We Will Rock You."
arlee bird said…
"Think of Monday as breakfast" -- I like that one.
Actually I don't guess Mondays have really bothered me since high school. I guess it's because I've always had such an unorthodox work schedule and Monday was like just another day. Now I like Mondays because my wife has to go back to work after being home all week-end and I can get my things done--- joke! It was just a joke. Don't tell her I said that.

By the way:
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Mondays are a restart day for me. (It's Sundays that can get me down as I anticipate Mondays.)

I usually schedule myself for a long day on Mondays at the day job so I can catch up with anything that's going on, and get my head back into the work day.

And Mondays are a day for news. Like I found out that the ebook publisher I'm working with will have books available in the new Apple store for iPad. So now I'm all revved up to get home and finish my writing work.
Thank you for this post, Melodic Monday it is!
I fixed my Monday problem by making it laundry day. I stay home. To make it Melodic Monday all I need to do is put a favorite CD in the player and boogie while I work. I love it. Thanks!
M. Gray said…
But I like the word 'morose.' Is that so very unbecoming of me?
Carol Kilgore said…
Arlee - Your wife said ...

Daring - Cool. Mondays are always long for me. No matter what, or so it seems.

Conda - You're welcome.

Patricia - I did laundry today, too. It's clean, but still sitting there. Sigh.

M.Gray - You're allowed :)
You won my weekly drawing. I emailed you, but maybe you didn't get it. Let me know. Thanks!!!
Glynis said…
I'm like Southpaw. I enjoy the feeling of starting anew on Mondays. After the weekend which is usually hectic, I like the routine and rhythm of Monday. And usually a lot quieter too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathi - I emailed you back last night. Thanks.

If you haven't checked out Kathi's blog yet - - head over there. It's pretty cool.

Glynis - Good for you. The concept of Mondays not being hellish is new to me. I'm still working on it. But I see I'm late to the party. Thanks for reading and commenting.
Being retired I figured all days would seem the same, but Mondays still feel like a Monday. Maybe it's because I usually take the weekend off from my normal routine of writing and blogging.
tera said…
Found your blog by trying to back track Lesa's bald faced liar award, which someone just gave me. Funny how those things make their way around, eh?
I will definitely be back :)
Anonymous said…
This is just a seriously awesome post, Carol. Thanks!
Carol Kilgore said…
Jane - I totally understand that because I take off at least one day over the weekend. Or most of one day. Or part of it. Anyway, Monday is still Monday for me.

Tera - However you found us, I'm happy you did. Thank you for commenting. You're welcome Under the Tiki Hut any time.

Kimberly - You're welcome. Hard to beat your Monday Muppets :)
I may be suspicious of people who like Mondays. I'll get back to you. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I totally get that!