Friday's Top Ten

Top ten reasons to be a dog:

10. Yummy Smells
I don't know why Mummy tells me no sometimes.

  9. Muddy Feet
She really doesn't like these - but they're fun.

  8. Rain
I love the way it feels on my nose.

  7. Sunshine
I want to stretch and stretch and strrretttch.

  6. Breezes
Oh, yeah. They bring more yummy smells.

  5. Ear Scratches
And the way Mummy rubs them all the way to the ends. I luv that.

  4. Snacks
Snacks? Somebody say snacks?

  3. Naps
Especially on the sofa.

  2. Tummy Rubs
These are THE best.

And the #1 reason to be a dog:

  1. Squirrels!


Aubrie said…
My dogs love all these things! They especailly love to smell poo over and over again. :)

Great list!
Lovely. Dogs are such happy animals. This is why I have cats.
Joanne said…
Oh what a life our canine friends enjoy! Simply sweet.
Carol Kilgore said…
Aubrie - Must be a dog thing.

Elspeth - I'm so laughing!

Joanne - Yeah, they really have it rough around here :)
Ann Elle Altman said…
I like #3. Seriously, my dog, if she doesn't want to get up from a nap, she doesn't. She's just that lazy.

Dogs are cool. Don't have one, but we probably will. I stole the Click Her for feeding animals idea from you! Speaking of which, think I'll go click.

Elle Strauss said…
I'm a cat person, but you won't hold that against me, will you?
KarenG said…
This list reminds me of our Basset Hound. Aww, I miss her!
Thanks, Carol--this is wonderful to me. I lost my doggie recently and what a great reminder of how fun her life was.
Carol Kilgore said…
Ann Elle - Dogs are like that.

Galen - Dogs are great. You won't be sorry.

Elle - Not at all. I love cats - but I'm allergic to them.

Karen - I know how that is.

Conda - I'm so sorry Conda. It's so hard when that happens. I know she had a wonderful life with you.
VR Barkowski said…
Ah, yes, I recognize each and everyone of these! Agree 'yummy' is subjective: poo (as has been mentioned), insecticide, garbage cans, cat backside... etc.

I love my pup's unbridled enthusiasm for life and his unrelenting loyalty. We lost our cat a bit ago and he still waits for her each day, planting himself by her favorite napping niche.

I am am a dog AND cat person - no question.
Funny. A dog's ( or cat's) life - oh to own it.
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - The yummies ... add socks and underwear. Their sweet smiles make it all worthwhile.

Teresa - My dad used to say if he came back, it would be as a cat.
Marisa Birns said…
My dog loves to have her ears scratched, too. She's a basset hound so there's plenty of ear to scratch!

Elspeth's comment was SO funny!
Carol Kilgore said…
Mine have smaller ears, but the smallest dog has the largest ears.

Totally agree about Elspeth's comment!
Laura Eno said…
Oh, yes! The life of a dog (or cat) is quite wonderful! Elspeth's hilarious comment is true. After my dog has pumped up my ego my cats bring me back to reality.
Carol Kilgore said…
Cats excel at reality checks.