Blogging is Such Sweet Sorrow

I love blogging and visiting blogs and commenting on blogs. I love all the friends I've made here in Blog Land.

But blogging can also be a major pain in the posterior.

You know what I'm talking about.

What am I going to write about today?

How am I going to carve out enough time to visit all my favorite bloggers today?

Have a finally, really, for sure lost my freaking mind?

You know what? Maybe I have. I don't care - it's worth every crazy moment.

So I wanted to take a little breather and tell everyone who visits here how much I appreciate you.

Thank you for visiting Under the Tiki Hut.

Thank you for commenting.

Thank you for your time, and please visit again.


Aubrie said…
Awww. Thank you for having me as a visitor! If I don't know what to blog about, I just don't blog that day (like today!) No one seems to mind :)
Mason Canyon said…
Thanks for having such a neat blog to visit. I enjoy dropping by, but I know what you mean about having the time some days.

Thanks also for opening your blog to comments. It's nice to chat from time to time.
KarenG said…
I hear ya! And sometimes saying thanks is enough! Have a great day!
Carol Kilgore said…
You're all faithful visitors. I love reading your comments.
Terry Odell said…
I know what you mean about finding the time. Be assured that even if I don't comment, you're on my crawl.

Moving slowing things down, but I'm getting back into my visits. Feels different with the new time zone, though. I'm always "late" compared to when I used to visit.
This is so true it's almost sad. I hate to admit the amount of time I can spend staring at that blank screen while my brain screams "You've nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

Visiting your tiki hut is a pleasure. Thanks for taking the trouble to write it.
Joanne said…
What a sweet post! It's words like these that make blogging worth all the effort. So thank you, too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Time spent thinking what to write:
Too many minutes
Time spent writing:
A few minutes
Satisfaction received:

I wouldn't trade my little corner of Blog Land for anything.
Blogging is a way for the introverted writer to keep connected without actually having to be extroverted.

Just don't let it get in the way of your real writing! (We'll hold down the fort for you if you want to take a break.)
Carol Kilgore said…
KarenG - if you stop back by here ... I'm unable to access your blog for some unknown Blogger reason.

Dear Daring - Yes! And Never. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.
Marisa Birns said…
It's always a pleasure coming here and spending time with your words.

So, thank YOU for being such a lovely hostess.
I hear you! Some days I just don't know what to write. But I love visiting other blogs and meeting such wonderful people. There's just not enough wakeful hours in the day. Sleep gets in the way of a good time, though I do love my pillow. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Marisa - I'm glad you enjoy your visits here.

Kathi - You think we could figure out a way to get more minutes into the hours every day?
Elana Johnson said…
I so feel this some days. Soooo deeply. Thanks for the appreciation.
Anonymous said…
I totally know what you're talking about, Carol. You run an awesome blog and very much enjoy visiting. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I appreciate your visits, Kimberly.
arlee bird said…
I totally understand what you're saying. Hang in there. We all do what we can do.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks, Arlee. I really do appreciate the time everyone takes to visit here.