Friday's Top Ten

Top ten Super Bowl foods:

10. Pickles

  9. Olives

  8. Popcorn

  7. Pretzels

  6. Dips

  5. Chips

  4. Jalapeno Poppers

  3. Pizza

  2. Wings

And the #1 Super Bowl food:

  1. Beer


Mason Canyon said…
Love the list. There's just something about popcorn and football. Hope you have a Super Super Bowl weekend.
Joanne said…
A fun weekend ahead, definitely. Good food, good cheer, great game ... Enjoy!
I need hot dogs with mustard and chopped onions when I watch football, even if the game is on T.V.
Pickles? Really. That's a surprise. I mean I like and use them, but never just sit around and snack on them. Of course, I have no life!

Best Wishes Galen.
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arlee bird said…
I remember when I used to tour Texas with a stage show, sometimes when our sponsor was selling food concessions they would have those individually wrapped gigantic dill pickles-- are those the ones you're talking about? I suppose they might go well with beer, but with some chip too. I usually don't drink beer too much, but I like it with pizza and Mexican food. Mmmm-sounds good!
The Super Bowl is being somewhat ignored in this household for 2 reasons.

1. My team failed to make the playoffs. No, I'm not bitter. I'm fine. Really.

2. The Winter Olympics open next Friday. Here. Athletes are here. Olympic village is jumping. It's INCREDIBLE.
Laura Eno said…
Great list! What is it about Super Bowl that encourages non-stop eating?
What are Jalapeño poppers? Sounds delish, but I love the hot stuff.
Helen Ginger said…
For any non-Texans, jalepeno poppers are not hot. They are delicious, though. I had planned all kinds of Super Bowl foods, then discovered everyone in my family is going off somewhere!

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Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - Hope your Super Bowl weekend is super, too.

Joanne - May your favorite team win :)

Patricia - Love hot dogs, except w/mustard and EITHER saurkraut or chili.

Galen & Arlee - Aren't those pickles HUGE! I prefer the cold Claussen or Boars Head ones, though.

Elspeth - You are SO lucky. I can imagine all the energy there.

Laura - I dunno. Maybe it's all the testosterone in the air.

Conda - What Helen said :) A popper is a hollowed out pepper stuffed with cream cheese or pimento cheese, breaded, and deep fried. They're yummy.

Helen - You can come here and watch with us!
Southpaw said…
Perfect list! You have all the essentials.
Carol Kilgore said…
As long as the essentials are in place, we can fake anything else.
Mason Canyon said…
Hi Carol, I'll leave this here for now. I have an award for you at Thoughts in Progress. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Thank you, Mason. I'll be right over.
Kathy McIntosh said…
Like Galen, I hadn't thought of pickles as a snack!
Guess I ought to go turn on the TV and get out some snacks.
Carol Kilgore said…
It's halftime now, Kathy, as I write here. Time to get the heftier fare on.