Scorpios Can Be a Headache

Not to bore you, but this may be a different kind of day for me.

I woke in the night with a killer sinus headache. Downed some Sudafed. Back to bed. When I woke again, headache was still entrenched, but not pounding with each movement of my head. Or eyes. I just popped two more of those lovely little red pills, so I'm hoping by lunchtime the headache will be history.

So far, I've not done much other than sit here and read email. But after half a bagel and a cup of coffee, I thought I could put together a coherent blog post. We'll see.

While I was reading, I checked my horoscope. I'm a Scorpio. In case you don't know, Scorpios are wicked people. We delight in a lot of things we shouldn't. Today mine says, in so many words, that I'm gonna be really angry with someone.

The thing is, Scorpios are known for holding grudges and no-holds-barred revenge. The horoscope says whoever this other person is, they better watch out.

So I'm doing my duty and passing this on.

If you know a Scorpio . . . might better give them a wide berth today.

And if you are a Scorpio?

Let's have some fun!


Angela said…
I`m a gemini, so I can`t offer any fun from this side. But you are not one to hold grudges or fire at unsuspecting people, are you? Not even with a headache? But well, you are a Texan...Okay, I`ll stay out of your reach today! Thanks. Now I`ll look your website up!
Carol Kilgore said…
Angela - I can hold a grudge with the best of them. But I've worked really hard the past few years to rid myself of that nasty habit, and I'm learning to let it go. It's easier if I'm angry at something done to me. But people still need to watch out if they mess with people I love or care about in any way. If I keep trying, maybe one day I learn to let all of it go.
Elspeth Futcher said…
I'm a Gemini so I might be scared to be around a Scorpio today but on the other hand, I might be delighted.

You never know with us.
Marisa Birns said…
Hmm, two geminis here already. Not me. I'm a Cancer. Ruled by the Moon. All those ebbs and neaps. You can't imagine.

Don't hold grudges. But I'm part Italian, so I never forget. Heh.

Love those little red pills! And HALF a bagel? You are so disciplined.
Southpaw said…
Thanks for the heads up but it's a little late - I've been stung by a scorpio already today!
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - You just never know with us either!

Marisa - Grudges and never forgetting are pretty close cousins, I think. Not that disciplined ... I ate the other half later. And I'm ready for lunch.

Southpaw - I'm so sorry!
Sorry about your headache. Hope it goes away soon. Thanks for stopping by our group blog. We enjoyed having you at :)
Oh, and I'm a Leo, not Scorpio, but we do have something in common - I'm a native Texan.
Carol Kilgore said…
Carol - Another Texan with the same name - how could I not like that! Headache is much improved. Only a little tightness behind my eyes now. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Laura Eno said…
This back and forth weather has been awful for headaches. I feel your pain - literally. :)
I'm a Capricorn, but my daughter is Scorpio so I know what you mean.
Mason Canyon said…
Well I'm an Aquarius, but I feel your pain of a sinus headache. I've been wondering if I could trade my head with someone else. I'm just so tired of my headache I'd like to share it with someone else. Maybe we could pass them on to whoever you're holding the grudge against. :)
Jan Christensen said…
I didn't know you were a Scorpio--so am I! But I never hold grudges--I forget what happened yesterday, so how could I? I've spent a life-time telling myself not to live in the past, and it's worked--I'm glad I started a journal, or I'd forget most everything. On the other hand, I get angry more quickly than I used to. Good thing no one made me angry today. And since I live with an Aries, that's rather surprising. LOL Hope your headache is all gone!
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - You have my sympathies :)

Mason - People stayed out of my way today. Maybe I gave off bad vibes. So . . . no grudge!

Jan - Fire and water. Water and fire. I live with a Sagittarius, another fire sign like your Aries. Interesting how they cope with us.

My headache has improved as the day has gone on. I hope it's vanished by morning.
Joanne said…
Aries weighing in here, the stubborn ram. I'm not sure I know any Scorpios, but if I see any angry people today, I'll assume ;)
Carol Kilgore said…
Smart, Joanne. This morning my horoscope said we might still be angry, or we might be happy. But either way we should go easy on those who don't know us. I'd say they covered all the bases with that one.

My headache is gone!