Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things that make Texas unique:

10. Great Beaches

  9. Longhorn Cattle

  8. Blue Bell Ice Cream

  7. The Hill Country

  6. Bluebonnets

  5. Our Lone Star

  4. The Alamo

  3. Texas Wine

  2. Great Mexican Food - any time, any where

And the #1 thing that makes Texas unique:

  1. The Shiner Song


Having lived in Texas, I found myself nodding in agreement with everything on your list until I got to the Shiner Song. I'd never heard of that so had to give it a listen. Thanks for the laugh!
Mason Canyon said…
You didn't include the nice, warm (mostly snow free) weather.
Love the list and love Texas. Would be the one of only two other places I'd love to live besides where I am.
I note number 8 and am in total almost agreement. Grin. I'd move 8 to one. Ice cream is humankind's best invention.

Best Regards, Galen.
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Helen Ginger said…
I clicked over to hear the Shiner Song since I'd never heard of it. Hmm.

My song doesn't like the state song. He contends it's quite creepy with its talk of the eyes of Texas always being upon you.

Have you ever tasted Blue Bell's Chocolate Covered Cherries? OMG.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - It's not warm today - the red stuff in the thermometer never poked it's nose above freezing. And supposed to be 16 tonight. 16!!! In South Texas. Brrrrr. But I love Texas, too.

Galen - If you're ever in Brenham, visit the Blue Bell Creamery. Mmmmmm.

Elizabeth - Don't you just smile listening to them - and watching!

Helen - Did you know that the Shiner Song is ALSO the high school football fight song. The only school in Texas with a polka for a fight song. How cool is that!

I understand the intent of "The Eyes of Texas" but oh yeah - give it a Stephen King twist and maybe you have a best seller. Tell him to write it!
Conda Douglas said…
Fun list, but year my brother and his family are experiencing temperatures below what it is here in the high desert plain at the base of the Rockies! Good grief!
Carol Kilgore said…
The weather gurus have revised our overnight low. It's not supposed to be 16 now. It's going to be 13!
Laura Eno said…
I think I'm afraid to ask what the Shiner song is...
A love of ice cream is always good though!
Carol Kilgore said…
Listen to the Shiner Song with your heart. How can a song about beer played by the Hobo Band be bad?