This and That

First, thank you Elizabeth Spann Craig over at Mystery Writing is Murder for presenting me the Blogging Writer Award.

I'm honored to receive this award because Elizabeth designed it herself. And she did an excellent job. That alone makes it special.

Here are her award rules - simple and easy:
You can post this image to your blog…or not.
You may share this award with others…if you like.
You may adapt or alter this image in any way.

I may share with others - but not until after the holidays.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

- - - - -

Second, on Monday, Chuck Sambuchino at Guide to Literary Agents posted Footnotes: 8 Articles on When Writing Becomes Revision. It's a great post written by guest writer Nancy Parish at The Sound and Furry. Good stuff all around here.

- - - - -

Third, Janet Reid posted the most amazing song the other day. If you haven't read this, all I can say is . . . you gotta - "It didn't win, but I loved it most". Me, too!

- - - - -

And finally. Off to a local writer's booksigning - Nancy Glass West, then a haircut, then to finish preparing for my live-in handyman's birthday tomorrow.

See, I have stress way beyond just the holidays.


Anonymous said…
I need to get a haircut today, too. No matter how busy I am, I'll always shut something down and bump it to tomorrow's To Do List so I can get a haircut.

Stephen Tremp
You're so welcome! :)

I'll check out Janet Reid's song...thanks for the link!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Mason Canyon said…
Congratulations on the award Carol. Thanks for the interesting sites to visit. The song is cute, now I'll have "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in my head all day.
Congrats, Carol--and well deserved (and designed, Elizabeth).
Laura Eno said…
Congrats, Carol! I always look forward to your blog.
arlee bird said…
Speaking of haircuts, I went to get one yesterday so I'd look okay for my daughter's wedding on Saturday. Usually my wife cuts my hair, but she thought I should go to a pro. I saw a place near my home that advertised $7 haircuts on Tuesday so I thought I'd try it. The place was called "Chop's Barber Shop". Looked like maybe Chop was a gang member and there were Mexican flags and serapes hanging a decor. It was weird, but my wife was happy with the haircut. I like it better when my wife cuts my hair.
Congrats on the award. I love stopping by your blog. Why do we call it the holidays? Wouldn't the stressdays be more appropriate?

Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen - Wonder why a haircut makes us feel so good?

Elizabeth - Hope you enjoyed Janet Reid's post.

Mason - I know. I can never keep what's on what day straight. I love the songs on your blog. I'm listening now :)

Conda - Thanks!

Laura - I look forward to your stories, too.

Lee - It took me almost a year to find someone who could cut my criminally insane hair. It's really bad. Leslie is FABULOUS!!!

Elspeth - The stressdays! Love it. Love your blog, too.
Helen Ginger said…
Have fun at the booksigning. Stress is like an ornament on the tree, it comes with the season. Try to have fun! And congrats on the award.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
You know, it helps to think about stress as an ornament - one I take out every year right around Thanksgiving and put back into the attic sometime around New Year's. As long as I remember it isn't permanent, I'm good. Thanks. The booksigning was great. The indie store was packed - they had a huge event going on with art and books and goodies.
Congratulations on the award. Now I'm anxious to go listen to the song and check out some of the other links.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks, Jane. Hope you find everything interesting.