Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things adults think about at Christmas:

10. Christmas Songs

  9. Sweets

  8. Parties

  7. Christmas Dinner

  6. Decorating the tree

  5. Christmas Cards

  4. Where to hide unwrapped gifts

  3. Wrapping

  2. Shopping

And the #1 thing adults think about at Christmas:

  1. Time


Laura Eno said…
Yes, time - never enough time! My #2 would be crowds. I loathe them. :)
Helen Ginger said…
Very good list. Right now I'm feeling the pressure of time and shopping. Really, really feeling the pressure.

Straight From Hel
AAARRRRRGGGGG! Tick, tick, tick. I have the turkey in the freezer and some of the baking done. Nothing else. Tick, tick, tick.

Anonymous said…
I like time the best as it is irreplacible while the rest of the items on your list are. My wife and I are hitting the EASY BUTTON this season and not stressing anything. Just enjoying the family time together.

Stephen Tremp
I thought about time today and finally got stuff knocked out!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Time does seem to fly even faster this time of year! Extra calories would be high on my list -all those home baked goodies are too yummy to pass up.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - The crowds. How could I forget. I try to avoid them, but sometimes it's impossible.

Helen - Right there with you.

Elspeth - No turkey yet. No baking yet. Baking comes next.

Stephen - You must be a zen master. However, I think women tend to stress more over the holidays than men do.

Elizabeth - Good for you!

Jane - You must've missed the memo. Sweet calories are cancelled by related stress during the holidays. Eat away! I'll look for my copy and send it to you . . .
Mason Canyon said…
Time - what is time and where did it go? Please tell me it's still October and Halloween is the next holiday, not Christmas - I'm so far behind.
Taxes. Yes, Taxes. It's the end of year planning season. Last chance to accelerate deductions or postpone income. I'm boringly practical.

Best, Galen.
Imagineering Fiction Blog
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - I'm not quite that far behind, but I wouldn't mind it being the day after Thanksgiving. That's about where I am.

Galen - My live-in handyman mentioned something about taxes the other day. I can't even go there yet. Aarrgggh!