Drum Roll Please

Finally, after finally overcoming all the technical difficulties,
the post I wanted to make two weeks ago.

Miss Madison Paige Clark

Madison is my newest niece. Isn't she beautiful?

I can hardly wait to see her in person and hold her. However, those pleasures will have to wait until Christmas.

The anticipation is right up there with waiting for Santa.


She is gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to see her.
Mason Canyon said…
What a beautiful baby. I know you won't spoil her a bit. :)
Christmas can't arrive soon enough, I'll wager.

Best Regards, Galen

Imagineering Fiction Blog
What a pretty girl! Newborns aren't usually so beautiful...

Mystery Writing is Murder
Carol Kilgore said…
It's much fun being an aunt. I love it!
Isn't she lovely? There's nothing in the world like 'new baby' smell. Ahhhh....

Carol Kilgore said…
New baby smell and new baby softness.
She's adorable and she looks so cuddly - no wonder you can't wait.
Kerrie said…
She is beautiful. What a wonderful gift.
Marisa Birns said…
She certainly is a little beauty!

Congratulations to her family.

And I know you'll be a great auntie!

Carol Kilgore said…
The best gift of all. And Mommie and Daddy are doing fine. Still excited.
Helen Ginger said…
So, so cute. I love the name Madison. Give her a kiss from the blogosphere.

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