The Holiday Season

Today is Veterans Day.
Please remember.
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If you're a writer, you know about NaNo. If you're not a writer, you're going WTF? NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, and it's held every November. Novelists aim to produce 50,000 words of a novel during this time. It's an official thing - you sign up and writers everywhere support one another.

Anyway, I've never participated because November is so crazy around here. Even with the craziness, I do manage to keep up my writing schedule. I don't know exactly how that works, but I just say "I'm doing it" . . . and do.

Actually, from Halloween to New Year's in our family is flooded with birthdays. And Thanksgiving. And Christmas.

You'd think by now I'd have it all down to a science. If only.

Every year it's different. This year, I'm already working on the letter I include with our Christmas cards. Yes, we still send them. From living a hundred different places in the Coast Guard, we have friends everywhere. And we all communicate at Christmas. Sometimes in between, too.

This year I have to send our cards early because I wimped out and didn't send a "We Moved!" card. So I'll be mailing the day after Thanksgiving. That's the plan.

And the Kilgore Thanksgiving Dinner will be at our house this year. My live-in handyman is the official baker. And chopper. We have the menu, but haven't shopped yet.

Or cleaned. Not just downstairs, but the WHOLE house. At once. We'll have sleepovers.

The doggies are going to the groomer the day before Thanksgiving. I'm lighting a candle they will be relatively shed-free at least until Friday.

If not, we may have dog hair soup.


Wow, I'm impressed, Carol. My holiday season is far less busy and I still struggle to keep up the writing!

And who knows, dog hair soup may be delicious?!
Are you telling me it’s time to start prepping for the holidays already? Yeah, I guess it is. That’s what I get for living with my head stuck in a computer screen for this entire year. Sounds like you’ve a good grip on what you need to get done. Nice job. Stay at it.

Sheila Deeth said…
Cards? Christmas letters? Help. I hadn't even started on those. But Nano's a no-starter for me for the same reasons. Just a busy time of year.
Laura Eno said…
Ah, yes. The dog hair soup with a dash of cat hair for garnish here. You have a schedule that would send me running into the hills. I prefer that any guests stay in a hotel, thank you. My sympathies to you. I'm doing NaNo because I'm insane. Dinner with the kids and grandkids will be at the buffet - no amount of grooming will solve the hair problem and I don't have time to clean.
Please do not utter Christmas within my hearing again, unless you're prepared to give me an extra two months to prepare for it.
Helen Ginger said…
You are much more organized that I am. In some ways, I dread the holidays because I never know what to get people for Christmas. And as we're decorating, I'm thinking to the days of taking it all down.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
All - It may sound organized, but in reality it's ugly. Take Arf. We don't dare get a tree that sits on the floor. So we're going to get a small one and put it on a table. I've no idea what we'll do with the gifts. And while I keep my writing schedule, some days I don't make the full word count I aim for. Can you tell I'm already starting to freak a little bit?
I recommend taking several deep breaths and remembering that perfection is highly over-rated. At least that's what I tell myself every year!

Carol Kilgore said…
A very good thing to tell yourself. And me. A good start for the We're Not Perfect Society.