Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the U.S., tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for many things, among them for all of you who stop by here from time to time.

Arf and Woof are at the groomer getting spiffied up. Please send positive thoughts for them to keep their coats to themselves. They don't need to share them with each new person who walks through the door. Or give a good shake in the middle of the kitchen while we're cooking.

We have a whole passel of family arriving starting this afternoon, so the days will be busy and fun.

For those of you elsewhere, I'll eat an extra bite of everything for you.

And I'll waddle back with the Top Ten on Friday.


Terry Odell said…
You have a good holiday too!

I've got it easy this year. We're going to be with DD and her inlaws. All I have to do is bring stuffing. And Arlo.
Kerrie said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Our Chloe (corgi) went to the groomer yesterday. Now she looks clean and Thanksgiving-y!

Have a great holiday!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Happy Thanksgiving--and I'm grateful too for all the wonderful writers I encounter in the blogosphere--including you, Carol!
Laura Eno said…
I wish you luck with the shaking in the kitchen part. That's why I'm eating elsewhere this year. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Helen Ginger said…
That's so sweet of you, Carol, to offer to eat an extra bite for me. Seriously, though, you don't have to. I'll be eating plenty. Seriously.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Apple cake is in the oven. Some of the chopping is done. The doggies have returned all shiny and clean. One smells like citrus - maybe orange - and one like sandalwood. And I've picked up only one sprig of grass and one leaf so far from their treks outside. Maybe they learned manners? I'd be SO thankful.
Food, Family, Friends...sounds great. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Best Regards, Galen

Imagineering Fiction Blog
Carol Kilgore said…
Thank you, Galen. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Carol Kilgore said…
Hope yours was wonderful, Sheila.