Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things I rejected to write a top ten about today:

10. List for Writers

  9. Reasons to Sleep In

  8. Ways to Enjoy Your Birthday

  7. Items in the News

  6. Things to Take Deer Hunting

  5. Funny Things Dogs Do

  4. Funny Things Cats Do

  3. Easy Dishes to Make for Dinner

  2. Reasons We Lose Focus

And the #1 thing I rejected to write a top ten list about:

  1. Ways to Put Off Writing


Anonymous said…
A top ten of reasons to sleep in would have been helpful - I could have used an extra hour this morning.
I can see why you rejected the funny things cats/dogs do. Everytime you think you've see the cutest, funniest thing ever, they do something cuter and funnier and reset the whole scale (paraphrased from a Buffy episode but true).
Brilliant! Bravo! I could write a book about ways to avoid writing. Wait....

Carol Kilgore said…
Cassandra - So true about furry children. Good luck on actually getting that extra hour if you find a way to go about it.

Elspeth - . . . I'm waiting :)
Anonymous said…
Amen. I second this list, although I could use a quick casserole recipe for tonight as I don't have much in the cupboards and I really don't feel like driving to the store.

Stephen Tremp
Angela said…
I would also have enjoyed the list of easy recipes for lunch! Sometimes I just CAN`T think of anything, even though I have masses of cookbooks and actually KNOW many recipes by heart. And I even kinda like to cook, but still I seem to come up with the same ideas. Do you know Lola`s blog? (Aglio, olio & peperoncino)She has the most fanciful recipes, but I never can THOSE!
Thanks for your lovely comment on mine!
Laura Eno said…
I love your lists! You managed a post while staying true to #1 - kind of. Lists are still writing, aren't they?
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen & Angela - Since you asked, I'll try to put together a recipe list for next Friday.

Also, Angela . . . thanks for the information on Lola's blog, Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino. I've added the link to the Other Blogs list. I love most things Italian.

Laura - Thanks. I guess we could classify lists as writing. Right now, I'm working on a grocery list. I'd add it to my daily word count except it's pretty short.
Terry Odell said…
Carol - Yeah, my grocery list usually says "Food".
Carol Kilgore said…
Ha! Mine said
dog food
Helen Ginger said…
Go back and do that 10 ways to make easy dinners. I could use a list like that.

Straight From Hel
Ha. I'll bet you could do a top 20 on ways to, Put Off Writing, alone! Good list.

Things to take deer hunting???

Best Wishes, Galen.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - Since many have asked, next Friday's top ten will be easy dinners.

Galen - You're most likely right about 20 ways I could put off writing. Maybe more!

Deer hunting . . . this is Texas and deer season opened this weekend. I'm not a hunter, but I know plenty of them.