Ha, ha. Shame on me.

Freida got in touch with me last night. She wasn't happy.

It seems that while I spelled her name correctly in the title of the previous post, I misspelled it in the body.

I apologize, Freida. If it happens again, I'm sure you'll correct me.

Moving along . . .

Halloween is fast approaching. Of course I have to wait, just like everyone else, but the anticipation is exciting.

My live-in handyman isn't as fond of the holiday as I am. But I love seeing the kids because they're so excited. Especially the little ones.

I bought new decorations this year for our new house and couldn't decide between cute or scary. In the end I opted for cute because most of the kids in our area are well under ten. As they grow up, I'll let our decorations grow with them.

So this year, in addition to our scary music, we have one happy ghost, two smiling pumpkins, a string of skeleton lights, and a motion-activated skull with glowing blue eyes and a deep bwahaha laugh.


Laura Eno said…
We have tombstones and ravens and mummies and caskets...
I love when the little ones come and I hope to get lots this year because I bought oodles of candy!
Terry Odell said…
Halloween is a biggie for one of my daughters. She always has the house decorated, lots of special effects, and has a big party. But she's in another state.

With no kids in the house, we no longer decorate much. Hubby still loves handing out the candy, though, and he even bought a pumpkin -- wonder if he'll get around to carving it. Here, if you do it before Oct. 30, it'll rot. He and the kids used to each do a pumpkin.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - Your house sounds scary!

Conda - I've bought oodles, too. I shouldn't have. Now I need to buy more.

Terry - I always loved trick or treating when I was a kid. Since I'm not a kid now, I get to be on the other side and try to make it as fun for them as it was for me. We have a lot of holiday birthdays in our family, one on Halloween, so that makes it a special day, too.
My kids are beyond the 'trick or treat' stage; now they are in charge of handing out the candy. I'll be carving pumpkins early Saturday. Everyone in the house loves roasted pumpkin seeds!

Helen Ginger said…
We used to celebrate Halloween by turning our garage into a haunted house. It was great fun involving neighbors. Not so much now. I bought two bags of Snickers, because I don't like Snickers. My son has already eaten one bag. That's okay. In the 9 years we've lived here, we've had a total of 8 kids ring our doorbell and they were all together on one night. Around here the kids travel on trailers atop hay. Our houses are not close together. And our house is set back from the road, so...my son will have another bag of candy after Saturday.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - You trust your kids with the candy! Awesome. I don't care for roasted pumpkin seeds, but I love the ooey-gooey slimey feel of pulling out pumpkin innards.

Helen - I love Snickers. And Kit Kats. And Mounds. Sigh. Next year I'll just glue them all to my hips and dress as a candy bar.
Lots of creepy stuff at our house. The scariest thing? Our son, who has swine flu. ARRGGHH! :) He's better, but....I doubt he'll be trick or treating. Oh well, he's 7th grade, so hopefully he won't miss it too badly.

Mystery Writing is Murder
Carol Kilgore said…
I hope your son recovers fully from swine flu and the rest of your family doesn't come down with it. It's pretty scary all by itself.