Friday's Top Ten

Top ten road signs:

10. Do Not Pass - turn around

9. Clean Restrooms - bring your scrub brush

8. Stop - don't go

7. No U Turn - I thought we couldn't text and drive

6. Men Working - can we watch?

5. Dip - wrong on so many levels

4. One Way - that's no fun

3. No Turns - but . . .

2. Wrong Way - oops!

And the number one road sign:

1. Aircraft Have Right of Way - Holy Crap!


Laura Eno said…
I will remember to move over if I see a plane trying to land. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Always a good thing to do, Laura :)
I admit seeing that number 1 sign would cause me to immediately check my rear view mirror.

Carol Kilgore said…
Look VERY carefully.
Angela said…
I like the Clean Restrooms! - sign, haha. Sounds as if these restrooms badly need it.
And Men Working - that`s something I`d like to see at highway roadworks!
You have always interesting and funny topics, Carol. And thanks for your comments on mine. Yes, I bet you could have made a great suspense story from my adventure! I am only good at reporting what is happening, but to me that is quite enough!
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks for stopping by, Angela. And thanks for the kind words.

You can read Angela's report of her latest adventure here:
I remember seeing the "Aircraft have right of way" one and thinking the same thing, Carol! Hilarious!