Friday's Top Ten

Top ten plants I have no trouble killing with my black thumb:

10. Lantana

9. Vinca

8. Begonias

7. Hibiscus

6. Roses

5. Tomatoes

4. Kalanchoe

3. Rosemary

2. Cactus

And the number one plant I have no trouble killing:

1. Geraniums - All I have to do is LOOK at them.


You live in Texas, so maybe they need more water and/or shade, except for the cactus. I know you can't drown roses, they love water.
I can kill ferns just by sharing the same air with one. Not one survivor. Ever.

Helen Ginger said…
My daughter moved to San Fran and left two plants with me. She was not happy on a visit to discover that her plants were not thriving as well as they did under her care. I've been doing better since then. In my defense, it's hard to care properly for a plant when you haven't a clue what kind of plant it is.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Wood Water Garden - I'm pretty sure I overwater cactus and kalanchoe, even when I try never to give them a drink. No clue about the others, especially lantana and vinca, which are drought and heat tolerant.

Elspeth - Ferns don't like me either. Maybe they have a thing against writers.

Helen - Oops!
Laura Eno said…
I actually underwatered a cactus once. My outdoor plants thrive, but nothing indoors ever lives.
Shirley said…
I've never even heard of Lantana, Vinca, or Kalanchoe. But I'm sure I could kill them with no trouble. Definitely not a plant person, which is why I usually by FAKE!
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - My live-in handyman is a wonderful gardener. Thank goodness, or our yard would be a vast wasteland.

Shirley - You can go here:
and see some varieties of lantana and vinca as well as several other Texas plants and flowers. And this page has a photo of a kalanchoe, although they come in a variety of colors:
Funny, Carol--but only because I suffer from the same black thumb disease, except I kill mostly grass, probably because I don't care about grass. Grass is boring, all it does is grow. I've been partly cured by having an s.o. who ultra-green thumb matches his green eyes!
Carol Kilgore said…
When we're not having a drought, which we have been until a few weeks ago, grass usually thrives around here. Even now, it's greening up and filling in. All thanks not to me. I look at it. That's about it.