Freida Schultz

I've made three separate starts to this post. Deleted them all.


Nothing worked.

Frieda Schultz, my internal editor, is very much alive and kicking. Demanding to be heard. Demanding things be done HER way. She's way too controlling for her own good.

"It's too boring."


"Oh, please."

This actually gives me a little heads up in that I need to silence her with some chocolate or cheesecake - or a hammer - before I start to work today.


Because if I don't, I won't get anywhere on my manuscript. And since I'm smack in the middle of first draft, she could trip me up really bad.

"That last sentence is crappy. Take it out. Think about how you really want to say it."

Shut up, Frieda. Go back to your knitting. I'll call you when I'm ready.

And when I'm ready - when I really need her by my side and up my whatev - do you think she's around?

"Sorry, luv, touring the pyramids this week. Call me next. We'll set a time."

Get in touch with your internal editor. Make sure she show's up when she's supposed to.

But you can't have Frieda.

She's mine.


Anonymous said…
I think we have the same editor LOL! But I appreciate constructive feed back. Better from an editor than from a paying customer.

Stephen Tremp
Mark Troy said…
I thought the purpose of booze was to silence internal editors.
Sheila Deeth said…
Chocolate. That's the best tool.
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen - I love Freida to death when I'm editing, but not when I'm writing first draft. She's eating bon-bons and watching Oprah now. I'm hoping she takes a nap.

Mark - Right . . . I spiked the bon-bons.

Sheila - mmmmmmm
I'd pay good money for my internal editor to shut up. She never seems to understand I don't want her around yet. When I edit, she is more than welcome; I'll even bring cake. But now? Now she needs to take a nice long vacation. The only problem is I KNOW I'll still hear her voice saying "You're STILL not finished??"

Helen Ginger said…
I think I'll leave Frieda to you, even though she sounds nicer than Brunhilda. I keep Brunhilda in check with Butterfingers and hot cocoa. I'm out of both at the moment, though.

Straight From Hel
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - Bribery! Now why didn't I think of that. I wonder if it's cheaper than vodka?

Helen - I think Frieda mentioned a cousin named Brunhilda. We could be in trouble. . . .
Oh, yeah, how I can relate to this line… “silence her with some chocolate or cheesecake…” I’ve, unfortunately done a lot of that. I move my writing space from the kitchen table to where it should have been all along, the desk in the spare room. It’s better, but, I’m still tempted.

Best Regards, Galen

P.S. You signature link in my comments section led to a blank blog page. Might wanna check that...even though it was well worth the effort to Google you! Just thought you'd want to know.

Imagineering Fiction Blog
I love that you've given your internal editor a name! I have trouble putting blinders on my internal editor, too, which reduces my progress on a first draft to a snail's pace. I'm afraid if I try the chocolate bribe, she'll only demand more!
Carol Kilgore said…
Galen - I think I found the problem and left another comment at your blog. It now works from my end. Thanks for finding me despite my non-link. Good going on moving your workspace.

Jane - Maybe your editor needs the hammer - LOL. She must be another cousin to Frieda and Brunhilda. I've heard Frieda speak of Helga and Gertrude . . . maybe one of them belongs to you.
Hi, Carol, Yep, that fixed. Got me right here....good work. Galen.
Angela said…
I once knew a Brunhilde, and she was like that! (My midwife). But never mind, they do mean well!!! I wish you could send me your first draft (after all, I`m called Angela)(although,to tell you the truth, my grandmother was a Frieda) and I`d read it with pleasure and tell you what I think.
Funny! And an excellent point about timing of editors or anything else!
Terry Odell said…
I wish my editor would take a hike when I'm trying to read for pleasure. I think that's the one serious pitfall of becoming a writer. You can't read the same way ever again.
Carol Kilgore said…
Angela - I'm sure your Grandmother Freida was a dear. Trust me when I say my first drafts are total brats unfit to meet anyone until Freida's had a round or two with them. Second or third ones go to my two critique partners. Sometime after that, we can talk.

Conda - Thank you!

Terry - Your editor, too? Freida thinks she's the boss of everyone.
Laura Eno said…
That's what I'm doing wrong. I never named my infer...I mean, my internal editor! It will be much easier to argue with her if she has a name.
Carol Kilgore said…
Much easier to argue with! And to plead with.