If It's Tuesday

A writer has two jobs. Many jobs, but these two are important.

One is to learn.

I learn something new - often many somethings new - every day.

I learn about new concepts. People. Tidbits of physics. Jewels. Firefighting techniques. Writing. You name it.

The other job is to share.

This sharing takes place in novels, short stories, articles, essays, ads, blogs, movies, plays. You name it.

Someone asked me why I thought I could tell someone else how to write when I've never sold a novel or few people know my name. Why do I think I can tell someone how to write? Why would anyone listen to me?

What this person didn't know is that I made my living for a few years writing copy. And got paid well for doing it. Nor did this person know that I've sold work to the short market.

My answer was what I've shared here before. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to write. What I do is share what I've learned, what works for me, and how I do certain things. If that helps another writer, I'm happy. If it clues in a non-writing reader about how a writer thinks or works, I'm happy.

My goal here at Under the Tiki Hut is to bring readers and writers together. It is not my goal to offer a free writing class. A lot of my posts are writing related, since writing is what I do. But I only focus on writing one day a week - on Mondays.

Most of the time I write about Arf and Woof. Or about things that happen to me during the day. I blog to share these things with my friends. With you. If you read here, whether or not you comment, you're my friend.

Am I a working writer? Yes. I've sold short stories, articles, essays. But my heart lies with novels, so now I'm hoping one of mine is good enough that someone falls in love with it and wants to represent it. In the meantime, I'm working on a new one. And striving to make it the best one yet.

So keep asking questions. I'll keep answering.


Michael Bracken said…
Why is it that so many people think you aren't a writer unless you have a book published?

There are a great many of us who earn a living writing everything but books.

And where is the corollary between fame and the ability to teach?
Carol Kilgore said…
I've no idea, but many people think that. Who do they think strings all the words together for everything people read or watch, from ads to operating instructions to labels to commercials and everything else? Writers.

As to the corollary between fame and the ability to teach? Not a clue. My assumption is that unless you're famous, or have more than a book or two published that the person has heard of, then you don't know enough to teach others. But that's my assumption only and may not hold true for anyone else.
Laura Eno said…
A writer is someone who writes...

I have found that detractors generally are trying to pull you down to their unhappy, unfulfilled level.

Write on!
Carol Kilgore said…
I agree, Laura. Write on!
Angela said…
I am so happy to have found you, Carol! Your ideas are very helpful and I have already profited. Even if you had published your first novel yet (I HOPE it will happen soon!), I probably would not have known of it, so where is the difference? I will now write you a mail, because, guess what? Your lovely cards have arrived!!!!!
Jack W. Regan said…
People, non-writers, really don't have a clue about writing. Nothing against them, it's just not their area. And, yet, they all think they understand.

As Michael said, they seem to think you're not a writer unless you've written a novel. Especially a novel this particular person has heard of. I wrote a post about this not long ago, wondering if it was even worth it to admit to being a writer, simply because of the occasional negative feedback and awkward questions.

Regardless, keep writing and teaching, Carol! If all of us waited to teach others until we were famous, there'd be no teachers. Keep at it!
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm glad the cards arrived, Angela. Hope your friend enjoys them. I'm glad you found me, too, because I love your blog. And I hope getting my novel published happens soon, too!
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks for the support, Jack. I appreciate yours and that from the other commenters here, too.

Just here lately I've received such negative feedback. Thank goodness it happens only occasionally. Most of the time if I tell anyone I'm a writer, they look at me like 'wow!' - which isn't great either, but it's better than the negative.

I'll keep blogging because it gets me going in the mornings. I like reaching out and hearing back. And it goes without saying - but I'll say it anyway - that I'll keep writing. It's like breathing.