Hit by a Soccer Ball?

I have wild and crazy dreams.

One of the dreams I had last night involved a soccer ball. In the way of dreams, most of it didn't make a lot of sense in the bright light of morning.

But in one part of it, someone kicked the soccer ball and it flew several yards right into the lower chest of a man walking down the street. It knocked the man to the ground, and his buns said hello to the concrete.

The ball rolled a few feet. The man rolled it to him with his fingers, scooped it up, and stood.

He dusted off his pants, carried the soccer ball to the girl who kicked it, handed it to her with a smile, and went on his way.

That soccer ball is like a rejection letter. We're minding our own business, and Wham! Out of the blue it slams into our gut and knocks us off balance. For a few seconds, our buns touch the concrete, too.

Writers should strive to be like the man in my dream. We can't give the rejection letter back to the sender, but we can and should pick ourselves up, dust off the hard feelings, and continue on our way.

Somebody said:
It's not what you do while you're down, but what you do after you get up that matters.

I firmly believe that statement. What writers do is write.

Now's the time to do it better than ever before.

Don't be discouraged by rejection. Be inspired by it.


Laura Eno said…
Dreams are so strange, aren't they? :)
Really, what's the alternative? And yet, many writers get so discouraged as to quit writing. To me, there is no other option than to dust yourself off and keep on going.
Carol Kilgore said…
I agree, Laura. Keep going. Never be afraid to try something new.
Jack W. Regan said…
Agreed. I have a folder full of rejection slips. Rejection happens every day a reader chooses another book over mine. But these sitations can be learning opportunities, too. Why was that piece rejected? Why did that shopper choose a different book? Pinpoint the problems and fix 'em! And, yes, keep writing!
Carol Kilgore said…
Yes, Jack - pinpoint the problems and fix them. That's my philosophy, too.