Friday's Top Ten

Top ten joys of motherhood:

10. Not again!

9. Spilled juice

8. "I didn't do it."

7. Bouquets of wild flowers

6. Sponge Bob

5. "I'm bored."

4. Ball practice

3. "Thanks, Mom."

2. Last minute homework

And the #1 joy of motherhood:

1. Hugs


Helen Ginger said…
The older a child gets, the fewer the hugs, it seems. Those hugs become so precious. Then the hugs start to come more often as the child becomes an adult. And the hugs are still precious.

Straight From Hel
Laura Eno said…
#6. I'd have to sub in 'Sesame Street' for Sponge Bob but, other than that, it's a perfect list!
Shirley said…
You forgot the homemade gifts from the heart. I still have things my kids made in school for me. How precious!
Carol Kilgore said…
I did forget those, Shirley! Some hang from our tree at Christmas.