Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things about back-to-school:

10. Earlier bed times

9. All the shopping

8. All the returns

7. And more shopping

6. Matching school supplies with the right kid

5. Helping with the perfect first-day outfit

4. All the paperwork

3. Homework

2. After-school activities

And the #1 thing about back-to-school:

1. The kids are out of the house!


Shirley said…
And then you get to prepare for all the "fundraisers" that kids will be doing soon. I HATED THOSE!!!! I used to give my kids money NOT to sell them. What a ripoff!
Carol Kilgore said…
We used to sell candy. Now they sell EVERYTHING. Last year one class sold frozen cookie dough.
Helen Ginger said…
Oh, how well I remember the #1. Quiet. Peace. Writing time. Occasionally, even a nap.

Straight From Hel
Laura Eno said…
More writing time! Oh and, like Helen said, maybe a nap.
Carol Kilgore said…
Naps . . . I'm not a napper, myself, but my live-in handyman would take one every day if he could.