Ana, Bill, and Friends

Having gone through two and a half months of hurricane season with not so much as a strong sea breeze . . . bang!

Two named storms and a tropical depression withing 24 hours.

Tropical Storm Ana looks like it's headed for the Gulf of Mexico, and at this point it looks like it will remain a tropical storm or shrink to a depression, which is good. Once it reaches the Gulf, however, all bets are off.

Tropical Storm Bill prefers the Atlantic - at least for now - which is also good, because it shows good possibilities of strengthening to a major hurricane. Let's hope it stays at sea.

Both of these are still a week away - give or take.

And already in the Gulf, a tropical depression over near the Florida coast. It's forecast to move ashore later today or overnight somewhere along the Florida Panhandle. Not good for Texas, because it looks like a rainmaker. And we desperately need moisture.

I'll keep you posted.


Laura Eno said…
I was surprised when Claudette popped up on my doorstep this morning! :) Every so often, Tampa boils up her own brew.

Hope you dodge it!
Carol Kilgore said…
I just looked at the radar image. It's a good thing it's running out of water, or we'd all have ourselves a real storm. Looks as if it's headed for the Destin area, with most of the weather to the east.