Friday's Top Ten

Top ten ways to beat the heat this summer:

10. Air conditioning

9. Swimming pools

8. Cold drinks

7. Salads

6. Cold showers

5. Lightweight and light-colored clothing

4. Read a book about people having fun in the summer

3. Think how good the heat would feel if it was cold and snowy

2. Vacation in the southern hemisphere

And the number one way to beat the heat this summer:

1. Skinny dip in the moonlight


Shirley said…
Number one should be "eat a lot of ice cream"!
Carol Kilgore said…
My live-in handyman loves ice cream when it's hot, but ice cream and heat don't mix for me. It's as if the cream curdles the instant it hits my stomach.

I love Italian ices and Popsicles, though.