Friday's Top Ten is Back!

It just dawned on me that I made no mention of fireworks. Blame that on Texas weather. We've had no rain in 50 million years and for the past 30 days or so our high temperatures have topped 100 degrees. Fireworks never entered my nasty little brain until I read an article about them a few minutes ago.

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Top ten things to do on July 4:

10. Watch a parade - in your bathrobe

9. Attend a family reunion - of someone else's family

8. Go on a picnic - in the rain

7. Go to the beach, lake, or mountains - by parachute

6. Eat hamburgers and hot dogs - even if they're the veggie variety

5. Display the flag - with pride

4. Say the Pledge of Allegiance - and mean it

3. Play the Star Spangled Banner - and really listen to the words

2. Remember those who fought for our country - even if you protest against all war

And the number one thing to do on July 4:

1. Remember those who are still fighting today - for YOU!


Helen Ginger said…
I didn't watch a parade, but late at night on the 4th, in near pajamas, I watched the Austin fireworks from my front yard. We're on a hill and I could see the highest ones bursting way off in the distance.

Straight From Hel
Kevin R. Tipple said…
Watched the fireworks from down the street here in Plano but not in my pajamas or bathrobe. No one really wants to see that!

And awoke this morning around 5 to the sound of light rain hitting the apartment windows and dribbling down the gutters.
Carol Kilgore said…
Yea for fireworks! I watched the ones from New York on TV.
Carol Kilgore said…
Rain? Is that the wet stuff that falls from the sky? I'd like to see it again one day.