Women Rock

This morning I started writing about something else here. About plans vs. impulses, but I'm still not awake enough to think that one through.

Maybe another day. Or not.

Last night my live-in handyman and I played Spades with the couple we always play Spades with. Spades, for anyone who doesn't know isn't some kind of kinky thing . . . it's a card game.

We play partners, men vs. women. She and I always win. Always. ALWAYS!

Except last night we lost.

We knew it was happening but were powerless to prevent it. Nothing worked. Even extreme measures failed. We decided it was because we hadn't consumed enough alcohol. Seemd as good an excuse as any.

They better watch out the next time we play.

- - - - -

Moral of the story: Don't mess with women!


Helen Ginger said…
I don't know, Carol. It sounds like the moral is: Drink more and don't play strip poker.

Straight From Hel