Law Enforcement Appreciation

I have great respect for members of law enforcement.

Especially the ONE who stopped me the other day.

When I was running late.

And in a hurry.

Who then handed me a ticket for speeding.

Which made me even later.

Officer C-------, this is for you.

I'm sure our streets are safer now because you stopped a woman with a dog - who didn't even bark at you, by the way.

I didn't tell you I often write about people like you.

And I gave you an A+ for procedure.

I'm sure I looked extremely dangerous.

I know. Looks can be deceiving.

Would you have stopped me if I didn't drive a sporty little red car?

My dog didn't even bark at you. And still you wrote me up.

Didn't your mother teach you about appreciation?

I know. You were doing your job.

Just remember. I'm a writer. A mystery and romantic suspense writer. The next time I kill a cop, I'll be thinking of you.

On paper. On paper. On paper!

Yes, I know you have my address.

Bad. I should just shut up.


I had one of those experiences last summer too. They obviously have nothing better to do...
Carol Kilgore said…
Exactly. It was early on a Saturday morning. He'd probably just eaten his last donut.