Let me just say that Charleston is a beautiful city with wonderful people. I have yet to meet anyone who's grumpy or nasty. And I've met some outside the tourist industry.

It's my first time here, and I'm pretty impressed.

If the city were a book, it grabbed me on page one.

But don't get in a hurry, because the pace is quite laid back.

And be prepared to listen with both ears when locals speak. I love the accent.

Bring your camera. Mine is great and easy to operate. It takes good photos. But I was wishing for one with a big zoom lens so I could focus on details. Most of those I'll just have to remember. But I have some others to help me. I'll post a few shots when we get home.

Also bring your appetite for some great seafood. Now it isn't Texas seafood, but it's every bit as good in Low Country style.

Charleston is a unique city with a rich history.

Visit if you have the opportunity.