Zoom Zoom and Zonked

Wrangler and Shiner - aka Woof and Arf - went out to play this morning. Unknown to me at the time, the sprinklers were on.

They stayed out a long time.

When they were ready to come back in:
  • both were dripping wet
  • both wore huge smiles
  • two tongues dripped drool
I got a towel and dried them off at least a little.

Whatever game they were playing picked right back up. Woof is larger and is pretty much a gentleman. Arf is our own Silver Bullet. He shot out from the towel, into the family room, grabbed a toy and squeaked it all around the house. Up and down, around and around. Woof followed him around like an approving parent.

Two seconds later, both crashed.

They're still sound asleep.