My life is full and busy. I love it that way.

I've talked before about all the lists I keep. My live-in handyman is THE most spontaneous person in the universe. If he never had to keep to any sort of schedule or routine, he would be completely fine with it.

Not me.

I need order in my life. Structure. I can be spontaneous to a point, but there comes a time I need to know what's coming next. Not just "whatever."

So today was already full with things I needed to do. Things outside my house, not just putzing around here. At least there aren't any set appointments involved, like my haircut appointment yesterday.

Speaking of my haircut, right after I got home yesterday afternoon, I learned that today between 8-12 the repairman will be here for the microwave. Repair a microwave? Yes. A built-in one that is covered under our homeowners warranty. So add FOUR HOURS to an already full schedule, not to mention that I now had to actually be dressed before 8 a.m. in case that's when they showed up.

Now they just called at 9:30. They're on the way. I should be happy they'll be done by 10:30. I hope. If so, that puts me behind schedule only 2-1/2 hours instead of four.



Hope they fixed it quickly!! And that it didn't cost you more than buying a new one! :o)
Carol Kilgore said…
They were done by 10:20. By the time I corraled the dogs, put them out, then back in and crated, I was outta here by a little after 10:30. So not too bad. And it only cost me the service fee - much less than a new microwave.

Yea! I can cook again!!