So I'm sitting here finishing my last cup of coffee, not intending to blog today, and what happens?

The perfect idea for a post popped into my head.

Sunday is Mother's Day.

We all have a mother. Some of us have more than one.

Everyday Moms
Adopted Moms
Step Moms
Birth Moms
Best Friend's Moms
House Moms
Women Who Are Like Moms

Some of us ARE moms.

So whatever your situation, take time on Sunday to remember your mom. All your moms.

If she's nearby, give her a hug. If not, give her a call. If she's no longer living, take a few minutes and remember good things about her and fun times you shared.

She's given you a lot of her time. Give her a minute or two.

And if you reach her voicemail, remember . . . mom's have lives, too!