Friday's Top Ten

Top ten truths about Texas:

10. Some of our cities are larger than Rhode Island.

9. You can drive for hours and never see another vehicle.

8. You can be stuck in traffic for hours and never know why.

7. People say Howdy!

6. And Y'all.

5. Temperatures can be below freezing in the Panhandle and in the 90's in the Valley at the same time.

4. Texans are friendly.

3. Texans are proud.

2. Don't Mess with Texas is more than a slogan.

And the number one truth about Texas:

1. Bluebonnets - No Place But Texas!


I think Texas is on my list of Got To See places before I croak. All I know is that Dr. Phil's from there...and people wear cowboy hats...right?
Carol Kilgore said…
People do wear cowboy hats. And boots. But not all of us. Not me. Mostly men who work outside. Especially ranchers.

I think Dr. Phil is from Ft. Worth, but I'm not sure.

Come on down!