Pirates 2 - U.S. 0

The crew on the tug of mixed nationalities - 10 Italians, 5 Romanians, and 1 Croatian. It took less than five minutes for the pirates to gain control.


They've done it again.

This time they hijacked an American-owned tug pulling two barges in the Gulf of Aden. No word yet on the nationalities of the crew of 16.

Yesterday the French rescued a hijacked yacht. People lost their lives, including the yacht owner and two pirates. The remaining pirates were taken back to France to stand trial.

There's no easy fix for this abhorrent situation. These pirates are not modern Robin Hoods. They are thugs and bullies who have moved to the big leagues. It's a situation our country has now been forced to deal with, so it's time for us to pull up our big girl panties and get to work.

Watch for updates on this.