I Dream of Dogs


Those who know me know that I often have strange, bizarre dreams. Strange, bizarre hormonally-fueled dreams.

Other times my dreams are a complete story with beginning, middle, and end.

Sometimes I awake dripping wet and can't climb out from under the covers fast enough to escape the nightmare.

Sometimes I go back to sleep and pick up the dream where I left off.

Once I even woke my dead-to-the-world live-in handyman and our dog with a blood-curdling scream.

But last night, I had the sweetest dream in all the world.

I was walking toward some unknown place with a purpose. A big red dog appeared. Not a big red dog like Clifford, but more like an Irish Setter. Anyway, this big red dog stood up on his hind legs and wrapped his front legs around my shoulders and gave me a huge hug.

This hug was filled with love, as if he knew who I was, had missed me, and was overjoyed to see me. I hugged him back. It was wonderful.

Then Wrangler and Shiner woke me ready to go outside.

It was a great dream. I wonder if I'll ever meet Big Red for real?