Help, I'm sinking!

I'm a list maker. I think I might have told you that before.

After I set up my office, I made a list of everything that I needed to do to get my life organized and back on track. Things with the house, things with unpacking, things with writing, things with life in general.

Slowly, I'm marking items off this list. I'm maybe halfway. Most of the things I'm working on. Others are things to do, like get a library card. Most will be off in another month or two (I hope) and then I can start a new list of long-term projects. I already know what some will be.

After I made up the Everything List, I made another list to help me get my daily life into some sort of order and structure and even the dreaded R-O-U-T-I-N-E.

The Daily List lets my brain think about other things besides "Now I must do laundry." Some days I get to every item on this list. Some days I don't. It doesn't bug me too much. More than anything it keeps me on track and lets me see at the end of the week where I either spent too much time or not enough so that I can tweak it a little as I go along. This list is not something that's written in stone.

Up until the end of last week, things were rocking along pretty good. All of a sudden, ten gazillion small things fell out of the sky and landed in my lap. I can't even point at one thing and say, "You! Out!"

Anyway, for no specific reason other than things related to the move and our new home, my life changed from frenzied to CHAOTIC!

So I made another list. This list was everything I needed to do by the end of the weekend. Nothing on the list is a major time consumer, but it was two columns long. By Sunday night, I hadn't marked off one item.

Okay. Monday I'll fly through them all, get them all marked off, and be back on track and fresh by Tuesday.

It's now Wednesday. The list has not been touched. In fact, it's buried under a couple dozen sheets of paper on my desk. My corner of the world is completely bonkers crazy right now. And I don't see it ending within the next few days.

Maybe by the end of this weekend I'll finish that list.


Okay, the first comment went into outer space.

I make lists, too. Except I don't put them on paper. I keep a mental list of things to do. As you know, when you get more than three things on a mental list you can't remember them. So, it limits my list to three things.

Easy peasy to get three things a day accomplished.
Carol Kilgore said…
What a concept!

It would certainly cut down on my work load.
And you can use the extra time for another beer.

There. I've solved your problem. lol
Carol Kilgore said…
But I'd need to remember to get the beer!