It's Fiesta time in San Antonio.

Fiesta is an annual week-long party, filled with parades, music, art, and food. It commemorates the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto in Texas' war for independence from Mexico back in 1845. It was after Sam Houston's troops forced Mexican General Santa Anna to surrender at San Jacinto that Texas became its own country.

One of the events is NIOSA - A Night in Old San Antonio - held in La Vallita. The historic little village in downtown San Antonio occupies one square block. Last night it held about 20,000 people.

NIOSA celebrates the diverse cultures that played a part in shaping this really cool city. There were 15 separate areas. Food ranged from tacos to etoufee to fruit kabobs, and music from Texas swing to cover Credence to jazz. And oom-pah-pah.

All in all, a fun night.

As my live-in handyman said as he munched on a chalupa inside the German beer hall booth: "Where else can you listen to German music, eat Mexican food, and drink American beer all in one place?"

What a city!


Looks like a lot of fun!! And your hubby is right! Nowhere else...
Carol Kilgore said…
As the advertising slogan says:
"No place but Texas!"