April Fool's Day

It's that day again. The one time of the year when we can prank our friends and family and get away with it.

Trouble is, I've never been much good and pulling April Fool jokes. I'm real good at having them pulled on me, though.

Not sure why that is. Maybe I send out neon vibes that shout easy target.

So take care. And don't believe everything people tell you today.

Happy April Fool's Day!


Helen Ginger said…
You and me both. I'm not good at pulling off April Fool's jokes, but I've already fallen prey to one today.
I'm so upset that I am not feeling well enough to pull any fast ones on my family. Can I do a do-over April 3 maybe??
Carol Kilgore said…
So far I'm still safe, Helen. Please tell me my dogs no nothing about April Fools Day!
Carol Kilgore said…
All requests for do-overs are officially approved. Feel better, Mary.