Friday's Top Ten

How to know if you could be a writer:

10. After you make a comment, people often look at you as if you'd sprouted a second head.

9. You make up a story about every eavesdropped conversation.

8. You give personalities to everyone waiting in line with you.

7. You mentally correct other people's grammar.

6. Typos really bug you.

5. You find yourself jotting down unique names.

4. You stare at strangers while thinking how you'd describe their faces.

3. People have to repeat their questions to you because you're lost in thought.

2. You read two or more books at the same time.

And the number one reason you might be a writer:

1. Your purse and/or pockets are loaded with scraps of paper filled with notes, most of which are unintelligible by the time you find them.


I knew it! I knew I was a writer! And here I thought I was just very anal.
Carol Kilgore said…
Now you have proof. That you're a writer, that is.