The Great Art Hunt

Sorry, I'm back. Forgot the title!

= = = = = = = = = =

Did I party so much on St. Paddy's that I couldn't show up yesterday?


Yesterday was The Great Art Hunt.

And I'm not talking about a great man named Art Hunt.

I'm talking about searching for a few great pieces of art. Hmmm . . . that sounds a little kinky to me even this early in the morning. Maybe instead, some art pieces for our new home. Yeah, that sounds a little better.

At the coast, our home was smaller and we didn't have enough space to hang or display what pieces we have. Before you get the wrong idea, we don't have anything expensive so don't plan to come burgle us. We have an artistic family, and we've traveled some and picked up things here and there.

Here in San Antonio, we have wonderful space. Some of what we have is out, and more will be, I'm sure. But we have a few spaces that need something we don't have. Hence the art hunt.

Our search produced one find. Yes!

You wonder why I'm so excited? It's because my live-in handyman and I have different tastes in a lot of things, art being one of them. So when we find something we can both agree on, it's wonderful. Usually it's something that wouldn't be either of our first choices but something we can each live with. Don't ask me if that sentence is grammatically correct . . . I'm on my first cup of caffeine - I'm not sure, but I'm not changing it.

Yesterday's find, however, is something both of us would rank at or near the top of the list. And it was cheap, too. How can you beat that! Don't even answer, "With a stick." Hush. I told you I'm not awake yet.

And to wrap this up, today's lesson is this:

Compromise is a great and wonderful thing. It works in all parts of life, from getting along in school to marriage to national and world affairs. Agree when you can, don't always have to be right, be choosy about the battles you choose to fight.