Between us, my live-in handyman and I own three computers. One of them is a laptop. Do you think we were smart enough to bring it along? Oh, no.

In all fairness, however, I don't know where we would have put it. Every spare cubic inch was stuffed with something as it was.

As a result, I have to bum computer time from others. And the one computer where I am now is going to the Big Apple for the weekend. So I'll be totally disconnected from cyberspace until at least Monday evening.

On the housing front, we are keeping our fingers crossed for closing next week. Closing, then funding, then moving. Then, as soon as possible, a return to normal for at least a couple hours each day.

Before too much longer, you'll be hearing from me every day again. Enjoy the quiet!


Leon Basin said…
Hey, how are you doing?