The Tiki Hut Is Moving

I've been telling you that my life is a zoo this past month or so. Yesterday I showed you Shiner. Today I'll tell the rest of the story - to borrow from Paul Harvey.

In a few weeks we'll be moving to San Antonio.

Our home here at the coast had been on the market since the spring and the listing was due to expire next week. We'd already decided not to renew it and to stay here until the market improves. After all, we love living here, but we have a long list of reasons to want to move to San Antonio, too.

Lo and behold, the week before Christmas, we received a good offer. And last week we found a great house in San Antonio. And the perfect spot for the Tiki Hut!

You know how much I love the coast, but sand and salt water will be only a couple hours away. Great for weekending. San Antonio offers a lot - great connections for writers, a more cosmopolitan feel, and it's a bustling, fun city.

I'll be sharing a lot of stories with you, I'm sure, about our move. And Monday's writing corner will still be alive and well. So stay tuned and see how f-r-a-n-t-i-c looks on a writer.